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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Do ALL sufferers of RLS have twitching limbs?

Mum (89) has tingling legs/feet, stabbing sensation in feet, crawling/burrowing feelings on arms/legs, aching hips/legs, problems sleeping but hasn't reported twitching. Could she have RLS?

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Carolfm..Hang on a minute..I am going to just pick up the definition of

RLS and since this is fibro, I will PM you with it..if you don't mind..May I?

It will take me a minute to hunt it down..I belong over there first and foremost.

Hang on..Gramma is slow today..haha =)) Yep, I am a grannypants now..or is

that Knickers over there..every mood is attached by pants over here..ie..Crabbypants,

Happypants, Sadpants..affectionately calling someone "Crabbypants" is a kind

way to let someone know that they are being crabby...haha USA for ya.. Nope

I do not own grannypants..but grandma is what I am..that's an mood over here..

nevermind..haha..I didn't go to bed with the worries that I have..


The urge to move is the most important part to having RLS. I will give you the criteria for diagnosing RLS. Be right back....


With about 100 ways to describe pain or symptoms and 10,000 diseases or syndromes, it's difficult for any doc to label us. I had been diagnosed with straight out RLS about 15 years ago, fit me to a T, and once coming off of klonopin last year, I have much less 'restless' and far more sensations, and not just legs, everywhere in my body and head, face... I think the label RLS diminished the complexity of the syndrome. I can sit for hours some nights or lie down and go do sleep some nights with just sensations, but not the urge to move.


This link will explain more about RLS and the criteria for RLS. I hope it gives you a better idea on whether your mum has RLS or not.



I told her that and I didn't come back..I had a little personal crisis..I am

so sorry Carolfm and Elisse...I didn't see that one coming..haha..=))

I was trying to wrap my head around who I was talking to and about what...

Please forgive me, both of you and especially Carolfm..=)))


Yikes no need to be sorry hun. I havent been on here much for a few days, things happen at home and those things have to be taken care of... :)


I sure have twitching legs as well as the crawling feeling. Arms so far have been ok. Occasionally I can shudder all over, but luckily that doesn't happen too often. As for aches and pains - Got those anyway with age!!


My friends mother got it in her eighties and from the way you describe it, it sounds very much like RLS. Your mom can be tested at a sleep disordsr clinic if she is up to it.


RLS is not diagnosed at a sleep clinic,. RLS is diagnosed by how you describe the symptoms to your doctor. A sleep clinic will show if you have sleep apnea or PLMD, those happen while you are asleep. There is no test for RLS. :)


Thanks to all who responded and to Elisse for the download - very interesting. Might try Mum with the stillness test! She does fidget so may be interesting to see if she can stay still for an hour. Best wishes to you all. Carol


Not everyone gets PLMD but it is quite common among those with RLS. I agree that a sleep disorder clinic will monitor and determine if one is suffering with both.


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