Restless Legs Syndrome
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No....I dont want your money!!!!!!!!! (just your brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I have just received my new passport with the organ donation thingy in it . Ive read many times that the only main reasearch into a CURE for RLS is by using donated brains.

Ive thought about this often, but never actually got around to it, cos it is a bit creepy!!!

Does anyone know who to get in touch with to donate ones brain for the specific reasearch into RLS! ?

I have been in touch with the NHS organ donation team, Oxford university Medical School (they only want stuff for teaching), the human tissue authority, the brain bank at Oxford...

No one seems to know anything. I would just like to get it done and forget about it cos it makes me feel weird thinking about it!!!

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You could try the WED/RLS Foundation in the states. They have people donate their brains for RLS research.


I can't see them wanting to pay the costs to get it there.. my partner could stick it in a cool bag and post it I suppose....he does have a big knife!!!


lol Dragon, good to see you back

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Nothing ventured nothing gained. The states is a big place, they must have to fly across state to transport other peoples brains. Just saying.


I shall get in touch with them and see what they say!!!


This is kind of a morbid question to wake up to...(you know that I am laughing

out loud) but it's a good point to bring up..get this taken care of before you

die so they can study it and cure rls.. because of your donation, maybe our

great, great grandchildren will never have rls be a problem. Thanks for

bringing this up dragon.. You were missed as I told you in a private message..

it is so great to see you up and running with us again. xxxxxx

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Hi Dragon. Just seen this post!!!! My son is a doctor working in a large hospital in the Midlands. I will ask him if he knows anything at all about this. He'll probably think I've gone raging nuts but no harm in asking. At least he is in the right place to ask the question. I will get in touch with you if I have any news.


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