Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi,ive suffered over 20 years with rls which has recently moved to my arms resulting in ras,has anyone else got this dreadful condition in their arms?im really struggling in getting my doc to prescribe something to help me sleep,im so so tired,walking the floor for hours and hours,as for the pain,its unbearable,im at the stage most nights that I feel demented and would happily even consider jumping from the highest bridge,,i don't want to kill myself,but I need some kind of relief before I do,,any ideas folks?ive tried every exercise,every herbal remedy,,im on tramadol which helps,but the rls and now ras just wont let me sleep,,im at the end of my teather,,help!!!!

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i get it bad in my arms too so far nothing works unlike when you get it in your legs and can walk it off sadly can't do that with your arms unless your very good at walking on your hands hmm... i've had it years too lot of them.... the only meds are what you get given either from your dr or Neuro dr hopefully you go to see a neuro dr if not then ask your dr to refure you to see one , good luck sweet



thanks hunni,,and yeah im just waiting for my apt to come through from neurology consultant,,its taken me this long to get my gp to actually believe how bad this condition actually is,,its almost like my muscles are contracting tightly all day and night now,,it used to be just my legs and just at its arms and legs,day

and night,im totally exhausted and in pain 24/7.ty for your msge hun


yeah i have it 24/7 too not nice i see the neuro he's great thankfully have one that understands what im going through and can get in touch when ever i feel the needs :) hope you get one like that , hopefully he'll/she'll do all the test to rule out anything underlining that can cause RLS ,

my muscle on the move all the time feels like im shivering under the skin then attacks of rls in forearms all hell break loose hard to type even harder to text on mobile lol spasm omg.... throwing stuff ,

i've just done a stint of 2 weeks with 6hrs total ggrrr thats knackering .... dive you nuts ...


Guys I totally know where you are coming from....I don't get it in my arms's in my feet ,thighs , pelvis, and now right at the bottom of my spine. Sits there all the time. you have a constant symptom when the rls is active or does it come in waves with quiet in between??


mines there all the time :( have attacks of lots of times gggrrrrr when bad in legs then that affect the back when bad in arms that affect coordination and speech involentary sounds thats a pain in the bum lol my hands too

muscles always on the go like an inner shiver ,

no rest for the wicked lol ;)


I have this condition in my legs, arms and both sides of my back. There is drugs called requip, mirapex, sinnemet that all work very well. Beware of the side affects as they can cause ocd but I would prefer OCD than jumping off my balcony. You could try mirspex .25 mg X 2 first one about 5p.m. And second about 8 p.m. You can also take sleeping med with this. Zopiclone works well for me.

If desperate you can also take Fentanyl and work up from a 12mg patch to as high as 37mg

Fentanyl does make you drowsy at first and beware it is also a pain med and a narcotic. But it works great for RLS.

Some people also take gabapentin but it did nothing for my condition which is severe.

I have had two bowel resectionings and tage three breast cancer and to be honest I would take either over RLS. It is horrible to live with if not treated!

Best of luck to you.


kitty66kat, I have exactly the same so feel for you. I went to see a movement disorder consultant privately and he put me on Ropinirole Slow Release. I take one at 12.30pm 4 mg and another at about 5pm 2mg. I find that the slow release going into your system over 24 hours far better. Yes I still get the bad days and I am sure it relates to what I have eaten that day, but generally it works. Very best of luck


I am sorry to be a bit dim here, but I have never heard of RAS, could any body tell me what it is please?

I also get symptoms in my arms and body, day times too, I have even had this awful feeling in my face.

Good luck,



I think they mean restless arms cazbaz

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Now I feel dumb, lol! Sorry, just could not work it out, was having a moment!

Thanks Tallula,



i think we all have those moments cazbaz x :)


Talula you still around I thought you left a year ago


hi all ty for your comments..i really am going demented with this,,and some of you have made me realise that these symptoms are what im feeling in other parts of my body,but kept telling myself I was been silly as I thought it was just arms and legs it affected,,i do get in my back my pelvis and my neck,,so not only am I walking the floor each night but im swinging my arms twisting my hips and neck lol god only knows what I look like,,but on a serious note im really at the end of my rope,hope I get apt with consultant very soon



Yes I got it all over legs , arms , face ever were So happy days Honey


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