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Get matched with a selection of therapists and counsellors best suited to your needs

You can browse the therapists' profiles, then contact them securely via our website. Or simply put in your postcode and you will see the qualified, experienced therapists and counsellors practising near you.

We can find the therapist who is right for you

We can find the therapist who is right for you

Research has shown that it isn't what kind of therapy you choose, or for how long, that really makes the difference when it comes to a positive outcome in therapy. The crucial element is the therapeutic relationship between you and your therapist. This is why our main focus at welldoing.org is to provide you with a tailored selection of therapists and counsellors in your area who are best suited to support you.

Anxiety, depression, chronic stress: mental health issues might be on the rise, but so is the number of people who are taking positive steps to look after their psychological and emotional health. Whether you are someone living with a long-term mental health condition, someone who is experiencing stress in work or relationships, or who is just interested in learning more about yourself - finding the right therapist for you can be a life-enhancing experience.

Why welldoing.org?

We publish trustworthy content on mental health, written by experts in the field
Our intuitive questionnaire ensures that you don't have to know everything and anything about therapy; just let us know what is true to your experience and we will find you the best suited mental health professionals in your area
Being matched with therapists and counsellors who are suited to support you saves you time, money and effort
All our therapists are verified as members of recognised accrediting bodies, meaning that they are held to a code of ethics in their practice
You can book appointments and make payments online. We're the first therapy directory in the UK with a fully integrated booking and payment system. This is a simple, secure process that means you can forget about the traditional hand over of cash in person and make the most of your therapy session

What users say

"Making room in my very limited budget for private counselling was hard, and the prospect of this financial hit made my finding the right therapist all the more vital. Choosing the person who is going to help you navigate your way through a debilitating mental illness online is a bizarre experience. Selecting from the verified therapists on Welldoing, however, makes this feel like a safer, more manageable process than attempting to do so via Google. Something in my chosen therapist's concise description spoke directly to my experience and, after my second session, I knew this intuitive decision was undoubtedly the right one."
Roisín, 25
"I read about welldoing.org and recommended the therapist directory to my troubled adult daughter. She quickly found a warm, wonderful and incredibly helpful counsellor there. Neither of us had known quite how to find someone who ticked all the boxes: a 'talker', female, not too 'old', who could help with bereavement and other issues that were crippling her self-confidence. Already I see a transformation in her; her dad would have been so proud."
SK, 50s
"After witnessing a suicide attempt by a close relative, my daughters needed to get professional support quickly in order to help them process the trauma. Welldoing.org enabled us to get the support immediately and offered an easy step-by-step process to ensure we were able to tailor the right therapist to the different needs and ages of my daughters. Highly recommended."
SB, 40s
"Before I found my therapist on welldoing.org, I felt very sad and lost. The year before, I'd had a three year relationship end; I struggled to feel happy and excited about anything, and I found work very difficult. We did a variety of things, like talking to an empty chair as if it was my ex-boyfriend, to release all my feelings about the breakup. She also let me see that life does have changes, and that I could tolerate them, given some tools and techniques that she taught me."
TB, 26


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She let me see that life does have changes, and that I could tolerate them

She let me see that life does have changes, and that I could tolerate them