32 year-old female suffering from Raynaud's Primary Disease, Arthrits, and Psoriasis/Eczema

I am a 32 year-old female from Long Island, New York. I have experienced symptoms associated with Raynaud's Primary Disease since the winter of 2002, but it was not until 2013 that I was officially diagnosed with the disease. It affects my toes and my fingers (I gave up snow skiing the winter of 2003). I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2012 in my toes, however, I have concerns about a misdiagnosis, since R.A. runs in my family, as well as psoriasis (I would therefore consider psoriatic arthritis to also be a contender). I have been diagnosed with both psoriasis and eczema at different times throughout the course of my life. Symptoms from (all of) the aforementioned autoimmune diseases flare up like clockwork every October, and stay "flared up" through April of each year. I have tried taking alpha, beta and calcium channel blockers, but due to my low-blood pressure, I have not been able to stay with the medication. A yearly surgical procedure was suggested to provide temporary relief in my toes, however, I prefer not to go the surgical route - especially if it would need to be scheduled every 365 days. My toes experience painful bleeding ulcers, and recently, the skin on my fingers is rough, itchy, and scaly. Also, my fingers are extremely swollen and hurt down to the bone. They do not appear disfigured at this time. If you are suffering from any of these diseases, especially if you notice that these diseases seem to be working in conjunction with each other during the cold months, I would greatly appreciate your insight and shared experiences!

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  • Hi, I was diagnosed with secondary Raynaud's last March. I'm 44 now so was 43 when a sudden pain in both hands occurred. I'm at a loss as to what to say as non of my meds have worked. I'm from to UK and would have thought different climates would have made some difference. Sorry I couldn't give any positive notes

  • Hi, I am so sorry for your struggle. I was diagnosed at 23 and now I am 62. I have stayed away from meds, but I had an ulcer under my fingernail that was the worst one ever. I just started Nifedical xl four days ago. I generally took Niacin, but was out of it when I got the ulcer. I was in air conditioning that was too cold during two work situations. I am back on Niacin and will be reading the book, "Niacin, the Real Story" soon. It is written by doctors who researched Niacin. Twin Labs Niacin has great reviews. I hope this is helpful for you.

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