Switching meds for Raynaud's

Hi folks. I went to see my GP the other day after going to a rheumatology hospital appointment said to change my medication as nothing is calming my Raynaud's at all. To start and to date from last February when all this started, I started on nefid...... which gave me such severe headaches boarding migrains. That changed to lasarten 12.5 mg. That changed to hydro..... Now I'm on lasarten 50mg. Nothing seems to be working. At the moment, I'm taking the last of the hydro... together with the new lasarten 50mg, which the doctor said was ok. I thought something would have worked, even slightly but alas not. I this the future? I never did take medication as always ok and healthy but now, I've been on meds and even after a year still can't get used to taking tablets on a daily basis. I find all this very strange, from ok and healthy to this, you never know what life will throw at you or what's round the corner.

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  • I have had Raynauds for years. Last year progressed to the point of needing meds. I currently take Nifed, plaquenil and baby aspirin and use nitroglycerin cream. This combination works well for me. The cream will open up the blood vessels interupting the raynauds occurance of turning white then purple. Also take organic tumeric capsules 600mg twice a day. Best I've been in a year when last May i broke out in digital ulcers on 6 of my fingers. Good luck everyone.

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