Scleroderma in a 22 yr male!!!!!!!!!????

Hi,everyone....I am a 22 year old male....I was having Raynaud's like symptoms since last two winters though I didn't get it this winter perhaps bcoz of a warmer climate....I am having shortness of breath since last two years even at rest which I have noticed getting aggravated after talking food and associated with recurrent belching..... sometimes it occurs even if I have not taken any food....I have been to many doctors ...most of them refused it to be Raynaud's because my fingers would just turn pale and not blue....they said it to be vascular hypersensitivity.....I have done my ANA test twice one year apart... both came out to be negative....I don't know why the reports didn't show any titre..... I had done Pulmonary function test and Chest x ray around 3 times and every report came alright...... I even tried many prokinetics and PPIs to get rid of my recurrent belching(may be because of GERD)but everything in vain.......... plz help me to figure if it can be scleroderma and can it present in a young male in his 20s........I am afraid if i might be having any ILD and afraid of doing a HRCT as it can be carcinogenic.......many doctors said my breathlessness to be psychogenic..........plz do reply even if I know that my sufferings are quite few as compared to other members of this group...

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  • Hi. I have been suffer with Raynaud's since last Febuary but as I took a turn for the worse last weekend, I caught a cold or something, and last weekend I couldn't breathe so called 111 who sent for an ambulance for a possible heart attack. Hands were going blue etc almost to the wrist. Hospital said although test were showing boarding line attacks and clots, nothing showed up on the ct scans. I'm 44 and never been ill. Still feel guilty that I put everyone through the whole ambulance thing. I know how much they cost to send. Your symptoms are similar to mine, the breathing and belching. I'm not a great typer so if this is jumping back and forth please forgive me.

  • Thanks avtargill31,,,,u have replied so nicely... MY breathlessness has been since 2 years but have never been so much to get admitted in hospital...... anyway wish you a HEALTHY life...... take care

  • All I can say is keep a log. Your symptoms sound similar. Your body is telling you something. I'm 32 and just diagnosed a year ago but notice that the symptoms started long ago. Check your diet. What you eat. Different foods could affect you. Shit your 22. Take care of yourself. And most importantly no stress. No matter what happens as long as you are alive life goes on. Get your inner Rasta and feel good. It will get better. Take control. Don't let it take you.

    Wish you luck.

  • I think you need to find another dr. I also think you should consider reading "Niacin, the Real Story". I will be picking it up soon. Niacin helps me a lot. I take the Twinlabs brand from the Vitamin Shoppe". Please take care of yourself.

    🌟😊 Maddy

  • Good evening sorry your feeling so miserable. Have you been tested for autoimmune disease? I don't believe your problems with breathing are not real. When your having a breathing problem it would be very helpful do to an oxygen saturation test. A clip that goes on your finger no pain. Good luck

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