Raynaud's & Scleroderma - Care and Support

How do you cope

I was diagnosed with Secondary Raynaud's last February and ever since then I have been backwards and forwards to hospital, felt like a pin cushion with ever visit resulting in blood test ect. The hospital still don't know what's causing it or the underlying cause. Trying different drugs to try and calm it down. I've now been off work for 2.5 months and was given a doctors note for 2 more months. How do folks cope as I work as a windscreen fitter working out side in all weathers, the worrying thing is when the sensation goes and there is no feeling in the fingers and I accidently cut myself due to working with glass and sharp blades. I'm now bored as can't go out for fear of triggering an attack.

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Try and keep your mind at ease. I use medicinal marihauna but you could meditate and just get a hold of your mind and thoughts. The environment is to noisy and stressful. Find music that soothes. You are what you eat. It's true. So try changing the diet. Or the times you eat. Not before bed and always when you wake up. Try those and let me know. This disease has led me to other avenues aside from the Healthcare system. Here in canada. No help just prescriptions. Your stressing out just going to the docs to get a diagnosis or more tests that cost money and time. I'm 32 and when I can't work because of this disease I go crazy. If I don't use it I lose it. I'm a framer who works all year round outside in -20 and +30 degrees Celsius. It's not easy. I feel for you. Try and stay positive and try new things. My raynauds has gotten worse but I know it's stress. For a fact. Lol. Even my vasculitis is. It's like my body shuts down and causes clotting.rashes.pain. it sucks. But just be happy. Lmao. I sound stupid. But laughter is medicine. Hope to hear you are doing good.


Hi Greg, I'm doing ok at the moment. The weather here has picked up and I'm off the meds as they weren't working. I'm going to try and go back to work next week as boredom is setting in lol. Might have to join a gym here to lose the fat I've built up from all the cakes I'm eating.