Raynaud's & Scleroderma - Care and Support

Anyone else with Scleroderma, MS, Sjögren's had a LDH test that came back positive?

My rheumatologist isn't sure yet what this is. I have raynards, MS, Scleroderma, Sjogrens and over the past couple of years, had more problems of tingling, numbness and burning in my feet which I thought might be MS related. Then I have a few episodes of my fingers turning red and hurting so bad, that pain meds didn't help.

She thinks I might have another autoimmune disease, (Am i an overachiever or what?) and hopefully it is not cancer. (Lymphoma)

The burning of my feet has been more prevalent at night but it now happens all day long and is very painful. The burning sensation doesn't let up, it's now 24/7.

Anyone have any thing they take for burning feet?

Have to laugh though, I have hot flashes but my fingers are purple from the raynards. What's up,with that🙃

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Yes I have experienced this too. I have Raynauds, and scleroderma along with pulmonary fibrosis. My doctor said its raynauds flared up by scleroderma and stress of an open lung biopsy. She put me on nefidipine and baby aspirin, along with a nitroglycerin cream which has helped alot. Maybe you cn discuss this with your doctor and get some relief.

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Thanks for your reply jmrose. Sorry you have similar symptoms. I have tried nitroglycerin but it didn't work. I want to find something to relieve the burning pain. I also have burning tongue from the Shorgrens.