Diagnosed this week with Scleroderma

I was just diagonosed this week with systemic Scleroderma and my Rhemotologist

Suggested I come back every 3 months and we will begin the journey of keeping an eye on the symptoms and body changes. I am feeling like I should set up an appointment to meet with a doctor at a hospital that specializes in this research. Am I thinking right? I am considering applying for an appt. At John Hopkins in Maryland. My symptoms are stiff hands, pursed mouth/lip area and very fatigued. I would also love to meet a support group in the southwest Florida area (Naples) area. Thank you in advance for your help.


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  • I just met with a specialist at The University of Miami after being treated by Rheumy for 10 months and I am so glad I did. Much more in depth and a clearer direction. I say go for it and good luckđź‘Ť

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