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Hi guys!

Hello Everyone,

Well who is just loving this weather? Really helping with my positive mental attitude at the moment 😁😁

I have had Raynauds for a decade now, further from the intial cold and cramp the real problems started in April 2014 when there was a supply issue with 5mg Nifedipine. I had full leg lock for the four whole day Easter weekend...it has left me Hypertension and Atrophy in the both calf muscles and Hamstring but im still fighting! I do use crutches and a wheelchair to mobilise now but im smiling lots today.

I hope you are all feeling as good and find the heat your bestest friend too!

Loads a hugs'n'stuff

Tinks xx💖xx

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Hi Tinks...not had cramps in legs, thank goodness, sounds like yours were horrendous for you. I do have really bad osteoarthritis in my knees so my mobility is the same as yourself. Pain is rubbish! Raynauds affects my hands a lot and I feel cold even in the sunshine! I go from extremes of freezing then sweating...a bit like menopause hormone fluctuations....but mostly it is the purple hands and toes...sometimes my nose too. It is trying to get hubby to stop opening the doors and windows while he is too hot in the summer and I have a blanket around me! But, hey ho.....suppose it could be worse!

I would enjoy the outside more in the sun if it weren't for having to stay out of the sun due to medication I have to take for the syst. sclero. which recommends covering up and sunscreen or a possibility of skin cancer....hmmm.

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Hello Mary,

Sounds like me before I started on Warfarin (I also have DVT) and in the winter. The back of my calfs, my fingers and my nose and ears go white and freezing, if I have an attack all my nails turn blue then Purple...all fun hey!?

Lots of suncream or a good dry oil high factor and go out and enjoy it whilst you can! (i am currently curled up in a fleece blanket on a lounger on my balcony 😁

Have a lovely rest of the week. Xxx