Raynauds symptoms

Hi everyone, I was recently diagnosed with having mild Raynauds which affects my fingers, toes and nose where they get cold easily. I get the white fingers and numbness but usually goes away within 5-10 mins. One question is that does it affect you when its warm. I find when its warm my hands and wrists throb with the heat. I am not sure if this is related to raynauds as I have repetitive strain injury too, although my Dr wont confirm this as had this for years. Thanks

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  • Hello, I was diagnosed with Raynaud´s last year. I also have problems in the heat, mi fingers get really swollen and it´s hard to bend them. I´m not sure it´s related with raynaud´s because I´ve talked to people who suffer the same in the heat but don´t have raynaud.

    Sorry I can´t help more. Good luck.

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