Advise please

I'm 17 years old and I was dignosed yesterday after having constant ice cold hands and feet and almost perminant blue toes and fingers. And sometimes it really hurts. The doctor recommended putting me on medication but my guardian said not to. Should I or not? 

Secondly I was told to give up on my chosen currer (mechanic) due to the cold working environments but it's all I want to do. Will I be able to do the job 

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  • What you should ask is...why not take the medication? If your circulation is so badly affecting your extremities then something needs to be done to help. I have secondary Raynauds and ended up in hospital with the danger of gangrene in my fingers as the circulation was really bad and my fingers were turning black and bursting at the tips. I had to get an infusion to open up the blood vessels so I wouldn't lose my fingers. I have to take medication to thin my blood stop this happening again. If you get this problem fixed with medication then why not?  You need help deciding on your career path too.  You really should  get lots of advice  on the way forward for you. Best of luck pet. 

  • Well fashion  does not come into it . When you are cold . Wear 3 thin layers keeping  arms warm with fleece jumper on top . You need to wear leather  foot wear or sheep skin . Knee length socks maybe  2 pairs .  Look at heat pads you can buy at tesco.  AND LOOK into the drug options  . As it's not normal  cold Ness.  Summer  you may be able to leave drugs off . Have just in winter . As for your job . Stick to your guns here . There's other warm jobs in the same line of things .  Look at teaching  it . Try it out as it may not be as cold as they think . You might manage in winter with taking something  and wearing  right clothing  . Don't give up or let people  talk over you 

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