What's wrong with me 😣

What's wrong with me 😣

After been under a rheumatologist for 3yrs I have now been discharged with arthralgia, so basically everything I have n still am going through is the cause of arthralgia, I'm no professional but it doesn't seem right, basically all other tests n symptoms are a coincidence n normal, any advice from prof/Peep's or people experiencing similar.

I started with joint problems/flare ups then calcification on shoulders hip n knee, then blood tests confirmed ANA positive, inflammation, vitamin D difficieny n B9 diffiency, I then developed Raynaud's, had a nailfold test. Was told had secondary Raynaud's n enlarged arteries, also was diagnosed with ovarian failure, not sure why, had ulner nerve problem n carpel tunnel problems, and also being watched for Scleroderma, then had another blood test this Time was a negative ANA so was discharged cos of this, don't get me wrong I would love nothing to be wrong, but I don't think arthralgia would cause all my problems or would they? Any advice much appreciated

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  • Hello there,  I am so sorry to hear that you are having a tough time and the health care professionals have not provided sufficient support or explanation for what you are going through!  It is clear from what you have written that you have previously experienced a number of very difficult symptoms which were being treated and monitored over the last three years. The fact that your last ANA came back negative does not mean that you did not have symptoms and that they disbelieve you.  It just means that from a Rheumatologist's perspective at this moment in time your disease is better controlled and they are not suspecting that you currently have, or are likely to develop something like Scleroderma or an inflammatory arthritis.   They are therefore discharging you back to the care of your GP.  If things change and you experience another flare of symptoms then I am sure that they will repeat your bloods and refer you back to the Rheumatologist again.  Many of these connective tissue disorders do vary considerably over time.  When you are a patient it is like being on a rollercoaster...highs and lows...and you never know what is around the corner!  You have periods of remission when things go quiet and then periods of exacerbation when you experience a worsening of your symptoms.  And if you are lucky then you can go into remission and stay that way.

    Arthralgia is not the cause of any of your symptoms, because arthralgia is a symptom itself.  It literally mean 'joint pain'.  It describes what you are experiencing.  Without blood markers to back up any specific cause, such as scleroderma or inflammatory arthritis, then they will not want to give you any of the disease modifying drugs that the Rheumatologists dish out.  If you need pain relief for your arthralgia then the GP is able to provide this, and then if things change in the future then they can refer you back for treatment. 

    I hope that you are receiving intervention for your vitamin deficiencies and that this is being monitored.  I also assume that other departments might be involved if you need treatment for your other symptoms such as your ovarian failure. 

    I really hope that some of my waffling helps you and most of all I hope that your blood markers stay absent!

    All my best


  • What is am going to say . You won't  like . . You tiny bit like me Have mild bits of this and that . Plus Raynands  thyroid  scleroderma   .I think if you are feeling  not to bad . And out and about  . Not much pain . Then enjoy  the best bits . Enjoy  what you enjoy  doing . . As if I sit about thinking  about things . I am far worse . 

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