I am 36 year old woman and I have raynauds for years now but it all seems to be getting worse year on year, even though we have had some what of a mild winter. I'm not under any consultant apart from my doctor, I refused the medication at first but I'm going to doctors tom as its all getting me down as it effects me everyday and even sitting at my desk.

I also seem to be getting very aching hands, where if I clean for a few hours I can be in pain for the rest of the day, I also get swelling in my wrists. My hands seem to ache when I drive, type and use my phone etc. It also seems to be effecting my big toes too, does anyone else get this?

Thanks Julie

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  • Yes I get this every day now. The numbness is frustating and scary, and lack of feeling for hours is a real drain. I wear gloves all of the time and wrap up as I feel the cold so much, and even when the heating is on or the temperature is warm, I still feel so cold. I recently took the car to the garage as I thought the heater was faulty, but they said it was fine, it was just me! I dread cold days, and find tasks are limited even on mild days. Like you, my fingers and hands throb. I also find my skin us always sore and cracks so easily, but takes months to heal, no doubt due to lack of circulation. Like you, I don;lt fancy the meds as I take so much already for other conditions, but there are so many side effects with ther drugs!

  • Hi Julie. I have suffered with Raynauds for 30 years since my very early 20s and refused any medication. About 4 years ago I tried prescription Nefidipine but after a couple of days it helped the Raynauds but I had terrible headaches. So I stopped it. But after having hypothermia on 3 occasions and going into hospital, I thought I would endure the headaches and go back on meds. I had a headache for two days then everything settled down, but Raynauds was still quite bad so I now take a slow realase capsule in morning and one in evening. I very rarely have a Raynauds attack and there are no headaches. Maybe discuss with your GP.

    Hope this helps. But we are all different, worth a try though.

    Good luck.


  • I started t I notice that my fingers were getting worse as well. I looked into other methods for treating this disorder and found that The Metro nice Stimulator can be used for this...It's worked quite wonderful for the last 11 years and it's an internal unit that you can adjust the power through the skin.

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