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Burst blood vessels

Hi I'm new here and have had Raynauds for 10 years now. Does anybody else suffer from burst blood vessels in fingers or toes? Typically it starts with a sudden intense pain like a wasp sting, intense itching and then redness and swelling usually in a finger joint. Then it fades the next day with bruising that leaves the area black which also takes a few days to fade. My rheumatologist had heard of it but never seen it. Would be really interested to hear from anybody who has similar. Thank you.

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Hi Lizzielou

I get the symptoms you describe. I never gave any thought to it as I thought it was because I had injured myself in some way. Sometimes it takes a few hours to go away and sometimes days. It always happens in my fingers. I did not think it was part of Raynauds.

This has been happening for years, possibly 10 or fifteen years, but I have only been diagnosed with Raynauds in the last couple of months. I don't seem to have the classic symptoms of Raynauds, no white fingers or toes, but my toes are red raw and my feet are like two blocks of ice.

Interestingly that I have suffered from numbness in my left leg and both feet which was put down after numerous tests by a neurologist, to a slipped disc that I have. I thought it was the result of some medication I was taking as I have respiratory problems.

Best wishes, Natassa


Hi Natassa,

I never associated it either until a work colleague with Reynauds showed me a blue/black bruised finger and described exactly the same symptoms. It mainly happens on my fingers but had one on my toe that was really painful.

Sorry to hear you have the same,

Best wishes,



Hi Lizzie Lou....This is my first post.

What you have is called Auchenbach's Syndrome! Spelling might not be correct but enough for a search! I have had this for years and my doctor had no idea what it was so I started researching and was delighted to find a name for it. I get it in my fingers and less often in my toes. I do believe it has happened under my tongue on 3 or 4 occasions this year! Funnily enough on one of my visits for my RA check up a few of us in the waiting area got chatting and discovered that we all had this too! I also know a couple of ppl with Raynaud's, and myself, who also have it.

We learn something new every day! Hope today is a good one for you.

Urpal xxx