Calcinosis - allergic reaction to dressings

I have my first bad calcinosis eruption on my knee - not very big, about a 1/2p size, and I have been visiting the surgery to have it checked and dressed as it nearly got infected. After a couple of weeks, It is getting better but I am now having an allergic reaction to the resin on the dressings they are using. I have known for years I am allergic to fabric elastoplast. It's not an immediate reaction, it becomes unbearably itchy and comes up in weals after a couple of days of constant contact. I have an inadine patch under the dressing which is fine (the calcinosis is still weeping slightly over the course of a day but I can't actually squeeze anything out any more). It is definitely the resin on the dressing that is setting me off, it is not just round the border the whole of the inside of the dressing is sticky. Does anyone else have the same problem, and what do you use to draw a calcinosis out? As this is right on my knee joint and I am quite active - I have to climb over gates etc as part of my job as a farmer - I have to wear something that allows me to still bend my knee.

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  • Don't squeeze . Don't lance unless infected . Keep dry for few weeks . And ring scleroderma people they Have nurses you can ring . Doctors properly never ever seen one in life time

  • thanks Chockers. My Dr has not been treating this, but the nursing team at my local surgery. The calcinosis erupted on its own and after home treating for a week I could see it was getting red and angry so was starting to get infected at which point I went to the surgery - think we got it just in time without antibiotics although they were worried for a few days. It seems to be settling well and is not really exuding much now, but it is the adhesive in the wound dressings that is my problem. I seem to have another 3 or 4 building on the same knee so it is going to be an ongoing issue.

  • Hi,

    I have the same problem with my calcinosis.

    If you have a word with your GP and ask him / her to prescribe you some "Mepitel 1"

    That should do the trick. It's resembles miniature bubble wrap. I have been using it for about six months now and found it by far the most comfortable answer to an uncomfortable problem.

    Good luck with it.

    Regards. Mark.

  • thanks Mark, I will ask about that. I've just had to change the dressing as it is itching like hell again, I have put inadine and then a thick gauze which covers the whole of the padded adhesive area of the dressing so none is touching my skin, then I have cut the border off (the bit that would normally stick it to my knee) and used a hypoallergenic tape that I know I'm OK with, to tape it to my knee. I am going to phone the Scleroderma/Raynauds nurses next week for advice too.

  • You would think that they would have an alternative dressing fabric for anyone who may be allergic to your type of adhesive dressing fabric. I too am allergic to elastoplast and whenever I go in to hospital for anything that may need a dressing I tell them of this allergy so I don't get any problems. Hope you heal quickly and get climbing over those gates soon!

  • Hi,

    I have had the same problem for years now. The calcinosis comes and goes (finger tips, knees and elbows) "fucibet" cream helps. Apply a little a night and cover. In the day just cover and leave it. I have tried getting it out in many ways but I find generally it's best left alone to avoid getting infection and making it worse.

    As far as dressings are concerned; ask your Gp for some "Mepitel 1" it is like a sticky miniature bubble wrap. Cover the Mepitel 1with Melolin and tape it on with Micropore non allergic tape. It dose the trick for me.

    Good luck with it. Mark.  

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