Hello! Im new to this site Im a member of lupus uk as I suffer sle, mctd, etc. At the minute Ive had my first ever attack of chilblains on my feet! Ouch! Ive never experienced such pain thought lupus was bad! This is because of severe raynauds. Has anyone any tips for me to help ease this and get rid of them? Im spaced out on pain killers. Rheummy has seen them. Im on prednisolone & due to start fluoxetine next week for it. Any tips would be really helpful 😊

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  • Argh an cure for chilblains is to wee in a pot . Then soak your feet in it . Then run out side in the snow bear footed . Then soak feet again run out in snow again . Then wash . Well thats what I did when I was young . That's what they said to do . And it worked ....But Don,t try it ha ha

  • Lol! Sounds challenging!! Im actually in hospital now since thurs getting treatment for severe raynauds hopefully this cures my awful pain. Thanks for reply!

  • well i was about 12 at time .foot full of chilblains and i did it . And it worked Ha Ha

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