I've had no official diagnosis but always feel cold, with cold red/purple stiff feeling hands - even during the warmer months. While my symptoms aren't as severe as many, I'm looking for ways to be more comfortable in my own skin, especially now it's getting colder. I did go to the doctor once to ask advice and this advice was to wear warm clothing - something I was already doing!

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  • Hello Christine, sounds to me like you need a proper diagnosis. I am seeing a specialist today. I want to know if there are any answers to my condition. I wear fleece lined mittens when it's cold, the trick is to start off with warm hands. what about hand warmers? Haven't tried them myself. You could Google and see what's out there. Sorry I'm not much help but feel I want to offer support to you.

  • Thank you for responding to my querie. I have now bought 'special' fingerless gloves to wear under my normal gloves but the weather has been so mild of late, it's difficult to know if they're doing a good job. I will continue to read blogs from other sufferers and take on board useful advice.

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