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Hi, my 13yo daughter has just been diagnosed by GP with Raynauds. Does anyone else have a child of similar age who can tell me about their experiences, offer some advice etc. I am dreading the winter coming along again. I have been told by a friend to try deep heat or tiger balm rubbed on her feet to keep them warm in winter, but this was only her own suggestion she doesn't know anyone who has done this. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you

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  • Don't think tiger balm or deep heat will work

    Try this mark and Spencer 2 pairs of knee length socks thin on thick on top of each other .Try pretty vests with the long sleeve vest on top .Normal clothes on top .Sheep skin Slippers real Sheep skin last for years sheepskin boots . Thin layer fleeces leather shoes . nothing tight nothing plastic heat pads in pockets keep tummy warm . Eat dont get hungry keep active

  • There are meds

  • Try celic sheepskin in Cornwall .Not cheap but theyre sole boots and last longer then ugg

  • Not prepared to go down the meds route yet. daughter has asked for them and I have told her when she respects the condition, ie put socks and slippers on instead of walking bare footed then complaining her feet hurt, once we have explored all non medication routes if there is no improvement then I would consider

  • She must stop that . No keep of the meds until she's cold with lots clothes on

  • 2 pairs of good quality they are like magic gloves . You can move hands in them 2 pairs on top if really cold

  • Never tight shoes made of man made . some clothes make you feel cold .

    Good warmer get hovver out . Get ironing . Saves heat ha ha

  • Hot water bottle 13 tog or more bed covers. Hat . heat pads .Join Raynauds assoastion..

  • Thanks for reply, difficult with a 13 year old to hoover or iron!!!!!

  • Send to gym . good warmer

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