I am having to see a cardiologist for arterial flib.I have systemic sclerosis amongst other conditions .could any one tell me if they take warfarin and how dose it affect the digestive tract .

I have been told i am at risk of stroke hence the appt with cardiologist, i am really worried about this as i am on a lot of medication as most of you are. I also worry about the effect on the bowel as i sometimes bleed with piles .Any advise would be welcome and thank you all in advance Lyn

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  • I have LcSSc like you, also AF, on Warfarin. I make sure I take it in the evening with food, also on Diltiazem in the am with breakfast. These both cause gastric upset and diarrhoea with me and others- to help this I am on omeprazole in the early am, and gaviscon at night. I use a small dose of Codeine Phosphate (7 - 15 mg) morning and night, occasionally increasing slightly if needed. To counteract the constipation caused by the cod phase and LcSSc and to increase my magnesium levels I have LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seed and almond) on my porridge in the AM. I get bleeding from the bowel (piles) and when it is bad I get suppositories from the Dr. I use a small dose of Panadol for the pain from LcSSc which the cod phos also helps with but the fatigue is a real problem that I haven't managed to get around yet, which is why I only use small doses of the panadol and cod phos. I hope this helps you.

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