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Caught out completely by a flare up today

Hi, I don't know if anyone can shed some light/advice/reassurance my way please. My Raynauds was diagnosed at the beginning of the year and I had a couple of very painful 'flare ups' in the cold but today when I was walking my dog at about 6am I was caught out and ended up coming home with my fingers locked and so so cold, that when my husband held my hands my arms were also frozen right up to my elbows, they slowly warmed up once I was home and I have since felt extremely tired all day and my fingers have been particularly achey. I am wondering how and why when the weather is warm and if maybe the very slight breeze would have been enough to set it off as well as the fact I was extremely tired last evening could have anything to do with it at all?

Any support would be amazing and appreciated. Thank you

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Yes....the slightest fluctuation in temperature causes not just my fingers and hands ..which turn strange colours...grey, purple, then almost black...but my whole body is freezing. The hottest day on Thursday and I was in cardigan and blanket around the shoulders.....whilst hubby was sweating like a good 'un and had fans on to try to get cool!


Sorry you are suffering too, it is reassuring not to be alone with it though. I hope you have a better weekend. Take care x

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Thanks loum42.......there are a few just like us around so don't feel too lonely....good weekend to you also. Take care and keep warm! x