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raynauds and scleroderma

Hi I was told I had raynauds by a social sercurity doctors about 14 years ago, I went to my doctors and they said there nothing they could give me or do I HAD TO JUST LIVE WIT IT. In august 2014 I felt a bit funny had pain down right side then in my face, I went to my doctors and she sent me to medical assement unit at hospital they thought I had a tia, after test my ana was positive (16.000) ,mri, ct scan, gel test on neck, then sent to a spl doctor who said I have scleroderma, this condiction is very painful, my right hand is bigger then the left one but I don't no way please can you give me any advice on this . they first said I had connective tissue and on my first results they had sle positive not been told much just told to look on this site and look under scleroderma (crest) that was all the doctor said that's what you have, got more test at end of this week , ct scan and breath test.

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Hi, ask your doctor to prescribe you steroids and micofenolate