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  • Lisa_Lovatt


    i have raynauds and i was just wondering what i can't take with having it as the other day i found out having things with caffeine in can make it worse that's what i read anyway and i today i brought and energy drink that contains high caffeine continue reading

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  • snapandcrackle


    I think I might have Raynauds, I have noticed my fingers go white and I get like a tingling/numbness feeling, I wear RA compression gloves and sometimes I wear them under my thick See post

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  • Lisa_Lovatt


    Does anyone with raynauds know how I can keep my legs abit warmer when I go out as the cold seems to affect my legs more, I do get pains in my hands and arms aswel but my legs seem continue reading

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  • Lupdaloop


    I'm told raynauds is as a result of Auto-Immune, as is Lupus. I have been suffering with numb white fingers and tongue this winter for the first time, I've had various Lupus symptoms since 2001 but never this, It worries me when my tongue goes, continue reading

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  • Blossom234

    Is this Raynaud's?

    Hi there, I'm a hypothyroid sufferer and on 50mcg of T4 per day. On Saturday it was raining very hard and my partner and I went into town. I thought because it had been spitting rain on and off I would be ok. For some reason I started to get continue reading

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  • angelah


    hi there can anyone tell me, is it safe to force circulation back ie in hot water/on radiator as i have been told not too, is it also ok to use heatpads/heated gloves etc as my heat pad came with a warning to consult dr before using? thanks in continue reading

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  • Nansue


    Hi I am new on here I have had Raynauds for about a year now and have been coping ok until the weather got colder in October. My hands and feet are very cold and painful, I have been given Nifedipine 5mg but am getting migraine headaches so have continue reading

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  • Judylynne


    Does anyone have raynauds? It can be 100 degrees and my fingers and toes are purple. I'm the only one that wears mittens in the summer. My feet are always sensitive to walk and touch. I wear sox or closed shoes so they never see the light of day continue reading

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  • Chapter

    Is this Raynauds

    Hello, I have been diagnosed and being treated with SCLE. I have noticed over the last year that sometimes when I wash my hands, my fingers get quite pale, but not every time. I notice it regularly when travelling, usually when stopping to gas See post

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  • leezals


    Hi. I was diagnosed with Raynaud's several years ago and prescribed nifidipene sorry about spelling I stopped taking them when the horrific attacks in my finger ends stopped. I am always cold though and wondered if this is related to it? My continue reading

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