Seeking employment ideas that will be easier on my body

I am in pain daily working as a cashier since i am new to being diagnosed my doctor is starting me off on low dose hydrochloride and steroids until it has a chance to work. The steroids are not helping and i know it is time to make a career change. I am looking for ideas from others suffering on a daily basis on what field i can go in to that can transfer back to a small town as i plan on moving back home from the city. I am not ready to stop working if i can help it

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  • To stay functional I have to limit all weight-bearing activity every day. Walking is difficult, but standing is absolutely brutal. If I try to stand for long periods it will cause a serious flair.

    If you brought in a doctors note, would your employer allow you to sit on a stool while you run the cash register?

  • My employer has been working with me i even have a stool however with all the cleaning/stocking that needs to be done it makes each shift unbearable between my feet and hands hips and shoulders I just want to sleep away the pain when i get home

  • Steroids are for a short time. Blood tests prove things out. I'm on methotrexate. With folic acid. I would get a desk job where you can sit and move around when you need too

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