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Week Nine

Wow, Still followed around by pixies and constantly have colored lights and hissing noises enveloping my head. I am still battered with cravings, but they are pretty weak and easily ignored, they just seem to be persistent and I wish they would just leave me alone because I am not going to smoke ever again. I have made up my mind on that issue. On the brighter side, I have started to get me stamina back and my roller blading escapades are no longer causing my to collapse breathlessly in a heap.

I've not been blogging much lately, I still look in every couple of days just to see how everyone is doing.

Anyway, 9 weeks. Thanks again for all your encouragement.

Dave :)

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Hey Dave

Nice to know you're still on the same planet as everyone else. Missed your blogs as they always bring a smile to my lips and the question where do you get your stamina from!? Congrats on 9 weeks and definitely brill that you are so determined not to partake of the proverbial ever again. You've no idea how much you've encouraged me and others so the thanks are sent back to you. Hope to keep hearing from you occasionally when you touch down on planet earth that is! Keep[ up the good work.

Take care




9 weeks that is fantastic and very inspirational you should be so very proud of yourself. I love your resolve. Happy rollerblading

Sue x


well done fags very well done. and so nice to read your wacky stories again xxjan


Hello Fags and well done you at weak nine. Following closely behind on week seven, I did say from the outset that I would not let that chap who wrote the amusing posts leave me behind!!! ;-)

Suze xx


Dave... flipping eck... nine weeks and not smoked! Yep, that takes real determination. I would be shouting "F R E E D O M... Yeah"! Ever so chuffed for you - makes me want to get to nine weeks and more too. Keep Roller Blading... All the cash saved could maybe take you to Nice and Cannes, they do loads of Blading along the Promenade... In the Sun! You deserve it.

Gill, xx


Lovely to hear from you :D A big huge well done for reaching 9 weeks and great to hear you're blading is improving :-)

The only reason lots of people go back to smoking is simply because those pesky cravings are persistent (as you're finding out) they'll quieter off until they believe that you think they've gone and that's when they pounce... So as John says, keep the doors firmly shut, that way they have to knock first so at least you'll have time to prepare... Then you open the door, let them in to take a look around and then show 'em the door again... They'll huff off in disbelief that you never succumbed to them ;-) The more cravings you overcome, especially the unexpected ones - the stronger that you will become :D

Well done to you :-)


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