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Advice please

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simba19618 Months Winner

I have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and know now that I have to stop smoking before treatment starts. My problem is that my husband smokes and I find it very difficult not to have a cig with him even though I do not enjoy them now. Has anyone been in the same position, how did you cope. thank you. xx

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Aup Simba, it's lovely to see you on here gal and a big welcome to this lovely quit smoking site :) :) theres loads of help and advise on here :)

I'm so so sorry to hear that you have breast cancer, am a bloke, so dont know to much about it, but I do know about your other half smoking, cos er - in - doors still smokes although I have quit :( could you ask him not to smoke infront of you, and to keep the fags out of sight :) :) dont go hammer and tongue at him :( ask him nicely :) if he dosnt then, kick assss :D :D :D

Hey Simba, please keep us posted eh :) :) if I find anything more I will post it to you :)

Pete :)

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simba19618 Months Winner in reply to monky

Where in Derbyshire are you, I live in Chesterfield.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to simba196

I live in a village just North of Derby.

I work in a village called Killamarsh, which isn't all that far from Chesterfield :)

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simba19618 Months Winner

Thank you, it is hard. He does stand at kitchen door, bit cold to ask him to go outside, I have been smoking for 44 years over 20 a day so very addicted, but this diagnosis has given me the push I need. Thank you for your advice.

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simba19618 Months Winner

I think you have done extremely well, I have tried on numerous occasions. I have just sent the other half outside!! I am going to the local chemist who has a non-smoking service on Tuesday so hopefully will get some advice.

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Hey Simba196,

Welcome to our lovely stop smoking site :-)

I'm sorry to hear of your diagnosis and hope that you have the support available for the road ahead. If you don't, please private message me and I'll try and put you in touch with those who can help xx

With regards to stopping smoking, you've come to the right place for help and I'm sure between us all we can get you to where you want to be :-)

Great to hear that you are going along to your local pharmacy tomorrow, they'll be able to give you some face to face support, take your carbon monoxide reading and if you want to, will also be able to advise you on and supply you with some nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help take the edge off the cravings for you.

The biggest thing that I would advise, is for you to plan and prepare towards your quit date and concentrate on working on the psychological side of giving up smoking.

In the meantime and where possible, you just try and keep yourself away from anybody smoking.

Before you go along to see your advisor tomorrow, have a think about what hopes and fears you have of stopping smoking. Consider what you think will be so hard for you including having others around you who smoke.

Have a read through the following blog that will get you to understand what part of smoking actually satisfies you cravings;

It would be great and very supportive if your hubby could stop smoking too, however I think you have to look at it that it may be just you wanting to stop and if he does, then this will be a bonus. He is showing some support by agreeing to smoke outside, so don't you feel too bad about it :-)

It's good to hear that you've tried to give up already in the past. Think of these times as a practice attempt for the real go :-) Think about where you feel it might have gone wrong for you last time as well as thinking about how well you done.

You can do this and we're all here to support you :-)

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simba19618 Months Winner in reply to EmJay

Thank you, smoking has always been my crutch against stress. If I can do it now I think that this time I will be successful. xx

Hi Simba, so sorry about your bad news. Let's hope you can manage to kick the cigs into touch - it might also help take your mind off (slightly) your cancer problems. If your hubby wants to give up then he will but you can only do it for yourself when the time is right. It does sound that your head might be in the right place for it this time in which case you will succeed. You will get through the stress whether you have that cigarette or not. We can help you through this. Good luck, Andi :)

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simba19618 Months Winner

Thank you I have never been on anything like this before but find it very nice and supportive that so many people have replied to my question.

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Orkneysarah25 Months Winner

Simba welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your illness

As Emjay said it would be great for your hubby to stop too but not smoking around you is a step in the right direction.

I had never been on a site like this either before and I widh I had known about it the last time I had stopped, maybe would have lasted longer!!

There are a lovely bunch of people on this site that have been going through the nic withdrawls and can give tips on how to deal with them.... moaning seems to be my thing lol

Even just reading posts can give you the boost you might need..

Take care Simba and come back soon to let us know how you doing xx

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simba19618 Months Winner in reply to Orkneysarah

They have suggested that I should not smoke whilst having cancer treatement so that will help. Going to see no smoking lady at local chemist tomorrow, I have tried on numerous occasions hopefully this will be the last time. Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and support. Will let you know what happens tomorrow. xx

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monkyAdministrator in reply to simba196

Hi again Simba, please keep us posted, as you see there's loads of friendly help on here :) :)

I hope the Lady at the chemist can help you :)

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Hi, I sympathise with you, I too have had to give up smoking for health reasons and my wife is a smoker.

It came to a point where I had to be quite short with my wife and tell her in plain english to give it a bye and dont smoke near me.

She now has got the message and has decided to try and stop also ( she is doing not bad ) result.

On the up side, we both do not have that smell about us, we are an awfull lot of cash in our pocket that fags robbed us of and, ( not in the government`s pocket) in the form of more tax and our health and breathing is greatly improved.

Talk to your husband and nagotiate a compramise or even a pakt to stop altogether together!.

All the very best with your stop smoking and treatment.

Everyone on this sit will be here to help whenever you need it.

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magpie36320 Months Winner

Hi simba nice to meet you. Sorry to hear about your illness but glad to see you on here. I have tried loads of times and was also a 20 a day for 35 years but with champx and the support of the wonderful people here I have been off them for nearly a couple of months. You can do this Simba come on here instead of having a cig and get that hubby out in the garden :) :)

Linda xxx

Hello Simba,

It was health issues that forced me into seeing sense after forty odd years of smoking. I am sorry to hear of your health problems and your hubby smoking doesn't help. Logging on to this site is the best thing I ever did. I have managed 1 month and 1 day and have the will to carry on due to the encouragement and support I have had from our fellow quitters. Everyone seems to have there own little strategies or methods but all are willing to share their ups and downs and we all understand what quitting is like. I have been taking NRT lozenges and found them to work for me. I feel I am doing fine and by logging on to here, I have found dozens of hands to hold, shoulders to cry on, I can shout, laugh, blow steam and find a whole bunch sympathetic and understanding people who want to help.

Go for it.

Fags X:)

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Bellabella18 Months Winner

Hey Simba, I support all everyone had said... There's lots of lovely people here, stick with us, we'll all get through it together xxx

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