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**Warning** E-cigarette users - Please read...

Hi Everybody, I put on a post the other day but it seems to have not shown up.

I know that we have a few of our members who are using the e-cigarette. Although we cannot recommend the use of it (due to it not meeting certain regulations to ensure full safety as have other NRT and non nicotine products), it has helped a number of you to quit smoking and I'm sure that although it does have it's negative points it must be 'safer' to use than it is to smoke cigarettes, rollies, cigars etc...

I shall repost the full details again once I am back in the office tomorrow.

However, it really is important that you please take note of the following warning about leaving e-cigarette battery packs unattended whilst charging;

"Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service(MF&RS) have recently attended two separate house fires where the cause was identified as a ruptured lithium-ion battery pack from an ‘electronic cigarette’ kit.

MF&RS are keen to raise awareness of this issue to other FRS and would welcome responses from any Service who may have experienced similar fires.

It should be noted that both electronic cigarette battery packs were on USB charge at the time of failure."

Please do not go to bed or go out and leave your e-cigarette charging in your laptop.

Stay safe!

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Thanks for that EmJay :) I purchased a starter kit yesterday and charged it via usb on my laptop, I will from now on NOT leave it unattended :)


They do tell you not to leave them unattended but there,s always somone who doesnt read the instructions. I charge mine with my Kindle charger and it has a cut off switch when its finished. I never leave anything on charge if I am not in the house as all electrical stuff has dangers.


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