I put this on this afternoon but it went missing????

Why has Japan got one of the highest rates of the population who are heavy smokers and along with China the longest life expectancy in the world. What is going on here, any ideas?

Could it be that there tobacco has fewer lethal chemicals than ours, or is it there diet or genetics. I think that the brains of the world should be looking into this. ( I,ll start tommorow ) your opinions please ( not on my brains or lack of them


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  • Hi mad, I know what you mean my hubby and I were saying the same thing. When I went to the hospital there were hardly any asian or chinese in the lung cancer ward, but in the other departments there were just as many as the english and europeans. If you find the answer out let me know. :O

  • Hi John, Japan has the lowest Lung Cancer rates compared to most of the world so something is causing this to be as they are very very heavy smokers and statistics show the elderly are living longer and smoking more than in other parts of the world. I think someone should study this and try to find out why. It is not the non smokers in Japan who are living longer is the population in general, its very interesting.


  • Hi mad

    Don't know the facts but it could be related to when china and Japan were targeted by the cigarette companies. The adverse health effects take time to accummulate. Could be wrong but would make sense.


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