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Good morning,

I hope everyone is feeling fine today.

Day 3 of stoptober, no matter what stage your at with your quitting well done,

stay focused and dont be afraid to ask for help.

Quit support is the place to come, so join us all here it really does help.

Will catch up with everyone later. :)

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Morning Jillygirl, you were up early today, i could have been but stayed in bed desperately trying to sleep, i was in pain all night :( thankgoodness i had no cigs in the house or i might have been tempted, had some tablets, just waiting on them working

hope you had a better nights sleep :)

The weather here is bad, rain and cold, so won't be going out today, think it's homemade soup day, will make some later

hope you have a great day today :) x


Morning Sue, Sorry you had a bad night , hope you feel better soon. Yes I slept until 5.05am then woke up with a tickly cough and my throat still sore. Thought I was going to be full of cold, but it seems to come and go in spasms. I was going to take paracetamol, but I dont think it would be wise whilst I`m on these strong painkillers for the arthritus. Nothing seems straight forward does it. Good job us women have a high pain threshold isnt it.

Think today we should both take it easy dont you. :)

Have a good day. :) x



Hi Jillygirl, sorry your throat is still sore, we should take it easy

i'm gonna sit in my quilt later with some hot chocolate, and watch films :)

you should do the same :) you deserve a lazy day :) x


Sounds good. :)


Good Morning :D

Weather is a bit brighter for us here in Liverpool today 8-)

I think you ladies deserve a well earned day of rest, so why not put the kettle on and make a start :D

I hope everyone else has had a good start to their day, no matter how bad you may have felt yesterday, 5 or 10 minutes ago or even right now, the feeling will pass. Everytime the feeling comes back, think positively in that for the feeling to come back on you, it must have gone in the first place :-)

You can beat this, you will beat this! Remember that it won't last forever but as long as you just deal with the here and now, we can face the future with a fresher and healthier outlook.


Morning Emjay, Hope your ok today and not too much training on the agenda.

Well I made a good start today kettles on and hubby gone shopping. :) as they say in Yorkshire I`m doing nowt. :D

by the way found a great word of a supercalafragalisticespiallidosious person. :-



morning peeps,midweek and all is well,had that feeling that there were to many hours in the day yesterday just about 10 minutes it lasted,had to get up and walk around,hope everyone is ok :)


Morning kengreen,

so glad you beat that craving. not easy is it. I had bowls of nuts and raisins and diced melon all over the place, it certainly helped me get over the cravings. Like I said the other day I am reaching the 6 month mark and touch wood (my head :D )

I dont need any nrt or nibbles. Have a lovely day and dont be working too hard. :)


Hi Kengreen, glad to hear you are okay and that you found a way to deal with your feeling of extra time :D It's when we have times like this that we realise that going back to smoking just really isn't worth it. Have you noticed any financial gains of stopping smoking yet?


Hi everyone, i had a nap there, feeling a bit less tired now

glad you beat your craving Kengreen :) as Jillygirl said it's not easy, but you can do this, i try to distract myself, find something to do, or do a crossword puzzle, as well as having healthy snacks, or trying to have healthy snacks :D :D

hope you have a great day Emjay :) i'm just getting over the excitement from yesterday, and like you said a great reason to stay of the piggies :)

you put me in the mood of a cuppa Jillygirl, must go put the kettle on :D :D

you put your feet up today and rest, you need that with arthritis, there's always tomorrow to get things done :)

away to have my cuppa and a bicci now, will chat in a bit :) x


Had some soup for lunch. (healthy) :) followed by a vanilla slice (not healthy) :(

still ! got to keep my strength up when I`ve got cold. :P

Thats my excuse. Enjoy your afternoon. :)


I agree with Jillygirl, i always say a little of what you fancy does you good :D :D


Good job Pete`s at work I hate to think what his answer to that would be. :D :D


:D :D :D never thought of that :D :D



I'm busy working from my desk this afternoon and everytime I lift my head up another hour has passed. I almost feel like I'll lift my head up and Santa will have been :D

Jillygirl, I love my piccie - Thank you very kindly :D You might feel much better if you get another vanilla slice down you... In case the first one didn't work ;-)

Get as many naps as possible Sue, this time next year you'll be baby sitting :D


Good idea emjay but hubby eaten the other one . :(


Hi Emjay

these gremlins on my computer have been causing havoc today, i'll need to go get Pete's spear :D :D

though i wasn't gonna get back on ;-) think i need another one, that'll have to wait now, gotta grandchild to buy for, should have loads of money now i've stopped smoking :)

hope Santa doesn't come too early, got too much to buy yet :D :D

have a great day :)


HI everone, Well I`ve had a really lazy day, done nothing but lounge around, pretty boring really.

However even though I`ve got a cold I dont feel any worse. Going to go and get a lovely warm bath now. then lounge about some more.

Hopefully feel better tomorrow.

Kazzachoc hope your feeling a little better now. Get on this site and have a good yell! :D

Catch up with everyone in a while. :)


Hi ya Jillygirl, am so sorry about your cold gal :( and as for having a lazy day, you've deserved it gal, i try to have a lazy day sometimes, but as you said i just get bored, and think i will just go and do that, and then that turns into this and the other :D :D so i dont really get a lazy day :)

Aup Sue, here's my spear for them gremlins you got gal ---------> i'll throw it to you can you catch !! whoooooooooops missed :o :| you should'nt have been bending over Sue :D :D sorryyyyyyyyyyy


Hi Pete, How you doing today, hope you didnt work too hard. Sent you a web site for your missus to look at on your messages. dont know if its any good. Been busy with kazzachoc today trying to keep her occupied in her piggy moments.

well that spear you sent sue not surprised you missed. :D :D



Aup Jillygirl, yes thank you very much for that web site gal, just spot on :) :)

Yes i see you have had a good chat to Kaz, thank you :) :)

Just luv the pic gal :D :D :D :D i cant help it, am a man :o :D


I knew youd like it, just like my fella , think your all the same. :D :D but love ya both to bits. :)


I hope your feeling better after your bath :) :)


Thanks much better, now my wrinkles are like prunes aswell. :D At least I`ve got clean cuddly wrinkles.


Hmmmmm lucky Hubby :o


not tonight josephine! :D :D :D


Spoilsport :P :P


Oh Pete you make me chuckle. bless ya.


I bet you make me chuckle more :D :D and bless you tooooooo :)


Hi Emjay, i see you've been very busy again today :) :) but as for everytime you lift you'r head up another hour has passed, i think i might know the reason why :D :D time for me to go, i think :o ;)


What you doing tomorrow then ?? having another lazy day, :) or you off gallivanting about !? :D :)


Well folk , think some of you have gone to sleep already. I am going to sign off for today, and see you all tomorrow. Pete thanks for giving me a laugh, lovely to be happy when the day is done. Take it steady and see you tomorrow. luvs ya! xx Sue by you must have relaxed today are you still asleep, anyway see you in the morning . xx

Night and god bless to all of you wonderful people. xxxxxx


Nite nite Jillygirl, you take care now gal and speak tomorrow, luvs ya gal xxxx


Nite nite Sue i hope your alright gal, not spoke to you tonight, but will speak tomorrow, oooh by the way i'm sorry about the spear :o :) you take it easy Sue, and have a nap when you want to :) :) try to get a good nights sleep and luv ya too xxxx

Good night everybody and sweet dreams to you all, and you can get through this difficult time :( just keep thinking positively ''you can do this'' :) :)

Pete :)


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