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Congratulations Jillygirl -- 3 Months today

Just fantabelozer gal, you've now been 3 months smoke free, am so proud of you, and here is the cake i promised you !!!! :) :)

And i'm trying to get you some bubbly here as well to wash it down with, but keep losing it somewhere :(

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3 months today... Yaye! Take your right hand.... put it over your left shoulder.... and give yourself a good pat on the back Jillygirl :-)

As there are a couple of us I've ordered the following especially...


It's pretty much a safe drink as it's a cyber one.. So all you teetotallers, or for those of you in your early stages of stopping smoking, please feel free to join in our celebrations :-)

Jillygirl, Staying positive is the key to staying quit and this is how you have been right the way through :-)

You have now been smokefree for a quarter of the year now. How marvellous is that then?!

:-) :-) :-) :-)


A up Emjay, i'm glad you are around to help me out gal, :) :) tried to get 2 pics on, but noooooooo it wouldnt let me, no matter what i tried. !!

How did you get that in blue then ???? cus i tried copying the name of the pic, but it didnt work for me anyhows, huh huh, so i havnt got a Womans touch, cant help it cus i'm a bloke !! :o ;)

Jim :)


Hi Pete,

1. find an image

2. right click on the image

3. select 'copy image URL'

4. paste into comment box

That's how I think I done it anyways...

Let's see if it works this time;



Yep, it worked :-) However, please don't take offence to what it says in the blue, click on it and you will see it's harmless :-)



Bless you both, brilliant cake and bubbly. cheers! :) :) :)

Got me all emotional with your messages. Couldn`t have got this far without you all.

big hugs. :)



A glass of bubbly all round


Ah sorry that didn't work-the ? should have been a champagne glass icon from my keyboard-didn't import!


Cheers Debra. xx


Huge congats Jilly- you are awesome well done keep up the amazing work!! xxx


Well Done, I will raise a glass of diet coke to you as I drank red wine on Saturday and can no longer tolerate it. Woke up at 4am with a raging thirst. Never go back and here's to a very happy and long smoke free future Xxx


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