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a sticky problem!!

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TillyTroubleBadge pending

can anyone advise how to get these patches to stay stuck in this heat?? I just keep sweating off my nicotine replacement patch!!!

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kenster122 Months Winner

stick a water resistant plaster over the patch.

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Or use micro pore tape

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Hi TillyT , welcome to Quit Support, I see you have already had some advice re the patchesI wish you luck with your quit journey

If you let me know your exact quit date I will assign you a progress badge next to your name.

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Look forward to supporting you. 😊💕✖✖

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Stick them on your belly, your knickers will keep the patch in place.

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Hi TillyTrouble and welcome to Quit Support :) I see you've had lots of advice already, so all I'll add is to stick them under your bra straps so they help keep it in place :) :)

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