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Angry at myself

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I caved a couple times today and had a couple cigarettes.

I'm trying my hardest to be strong cause I know I got this!

I need a buddy to talk to when I get cravings and such.

4 Replies
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Hi Jsteve36, don' beat yourself up about today. May I suggest that you don't have any smoking paraphernalia or cigarettes in the house . Clear out any old lighters and put any favourite ashtrays to other uses. I have one which is a souvenir so I didn't want to throw it away, now I use it to hold garlic. If you haven't already done so give the house/flat a good airing, get those curtains and cushion covers washed, get busy. here's a link with a few more tips.

Try to stay focussed we've all been there. Think, how much would smoking another make your life better, how much would N O T smoking another change your life?

Good luck,🍀🚭

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to TheTabbyCat

Hi Steve, Our Tabby is right dont get too upset. It happens to the best of us. Tabby has given you some good tips. Before you are about to light up stop for a couple of minutes . Think to yourself do you really need this cigarette. Be honest with yourself , then find an alternative to take your mind off it.Remember as long as your trying your not a failure. We dont mind if it takes a few attempts , we know you can do it. :) x

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S2340923 Months Winner

It's a bump in the road. Don't worry about it, just resolve not to smoke. I've had 2 since I quit. Mainly w hen I'm drinking. Stopped that and haven't had 1 since. Good luck and resist!!

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scotty-11213 MONTHS WINNER

Hi Jsteve36,

Don't beat yourself up about it :)

I had a relapse about 6 days into my first attempt and coming here was great because I was given so much good advice and was able to learn what I could do should such cravings begin again.

The advice given from TheTabbyCat; Jillygirl and s23409 is spot on, I would also suggest that the next time you feel like lighting up just remember why you want to quit and give yourself a few hours before you light up as 'for me' by those couple of hours, the craving had subsided quite a bit and I was able to remain smoke free.

I've not done much research about it but for me NRT worked very well at the beginning stages of my quit when cold turkey was a bit too overwhelming.

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