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After effects ?.

Clivee profile image

I have stopped smoking about 4years ago

But now get out of breath soon why

Any help please

Regards Clive

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Fluffy_Fairy987 profile image

Hello Clive,Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too great.

We’re not actually trained to give medical advice at Quit Support.

I would suggest you try to see your GP soon for a check-up where you are able to have tests done if necessary to investigate.

In the meantime, assuming you’re based in the UK, could use the NHS

111 Helpline which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hope you get the problem dealt with soon

Kind Reagards,

Fluffy 🙂

jillygirl profile image

Hi Clive, Good advice already from our lovely Fluffy. However most smokers or ex smokers suffer with shortness of breath if they have smoked for a long time. You may find you have started with mild copd. However exercise and healthy diet shouldnt make it any worse. Your G.P. may decide to prescribe you an inhalator to help your breathing. Please keep in touch, and let us know how you are. 🙂👍x

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