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Weight gain.

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Weight gain has made me upset... my thyroid level went down. I stopped smoking going on 2 years in September. I excercise not long but sometimes I crave a smoke. I eat a pretzel log. Lol. I had my dr raise my snythroid meds a little. Tired of buying new clothes for weight gain. I know your metabolism slows. I thought by now my body would level out. I know 2 other girls quit smoking lately. They are going through weight gain and thyroid problems.

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Hi Beachgirl, Sorry to here you are struggling with your weight. Your weight should have settled after all this time. Normally you expect to gain about 10lb. I think your thyroid is probably to blame . Even if you had carried on smoking , if your thyroid wasnt working correctly you would still have a problem. My daughter who has never smoked suddenly developed thyroid problems and gained weight. She has to keep exercising regualarly to keep her weight under control, plus a healthy diet. Here is a link from the pinned posts.


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Hi Beachgirl2115 and welcome back it's always good to here about successful quits. There's a Weightloss Support Forum where you may be able to learn about eating better for you thyroid. I managed to lose 11+ Kgs with their help.


I'm fortunate in that I don't suffer with thyroid problems butthere's also a Forum which offers support for Thyroid sufferers.


Good luck.

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