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1st month insomnia and body aches

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Hi All - I’m on day 18... almost zero craves thankfully but I went from sleeping at 9pm to sleeping at 1.30am daily 🤪 Also my body is soooo sore I’ve stopped lifting weights but just pain from withdrawals I guess. Anyone else on first few weeks or months? Also anyone who has gone through this and is further in their quit - when did things improve?? Help pls 🙂

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mattyharvs267 MONTH WINNER

Hey Matty ! I haven't had the soreness but i have definitely had the insomnia! I also had it for the first few weeks pretty much constantly, and then the last few of weeks it has been on and off but definitely less intense (I am at week 7). I have definitely found avoiding coffee, getting out for a run through the day and reading a book before bed to help! I am also super stressed at the moment because of uni finals and not being able to 'destress with a ciggie' which has kicked it up again but it definitely does get better man and once your brain settles down a bit you'll rest better than ever

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mattyharvs267 MONTH WINNER in reply to mattyharvs26

Oh and warm milk before bed has also helped when i have had it because it has this sleep promoting chemical called tryptophan in it

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Welcome to Quit Support Mattie, Thank you for joining us,Everyonesquit journey varies so we cant say how long you have symptoms. Its possible you have what is known as quitters flu. healthunlocked.com/quitsupp...

The link is from the pinned posts where you will find information on sleeping, and much more.

I will assign you a progress badge (next to your name) I look forward to supporting you. :) x

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WillowandSola22 Months Winner

Hi, I found i had loads more energy when i first quit so walked more, also i run so sleep wasn’t a problem

Keep it up you are doing great

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Frostytime19 Months Winner

Yep! I’ve really struggled with both of these withdrawals, my body pain is still sore. Ended up going to the doctors for a full checkup! Anxiety also a big one for me!

Congratulations on your 18 days! Stay strong 💪 you’re doing so well!

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Suffolk_guyBadge pending

Yep, had the insomnia as well for a couple or three weeks. Strange that I also felt incredibly fatigued at the same time. But both of these passed. Carry on giving up :)

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