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Had Coughing Fit In Grocery Store And Then I Was Followed!

glenninindy6 MONTH WINNER

Dear Folks; No need to reply, I just need to talk. Thank -you for making me feel welcome and comfortable in here. I need to go to my local grocery store for food twice a month and I always wear my mask, gloves, eye-glasses, and a hat. Today, as I was hurrying through all the aisles, my lungs started loosening up again and I had to cough. My lungs go crazy sometimes when I exercise since I quit six months ago, because I use to be a long-term heavy smoker. Anyway, as I was having my coughing fit, my mask somehow came loose and fell off. I saw a man nearby watch me and he stopped what he was doing, and walked away. I regained my surface equlibrium, put my mask back on, and continued on my way. Then, I saw the man who watched me, following me around and watching every move I made. I can't blame him.. The store had just opened for the day and him and I were the only ones in the dairy area. Thinking back, I would probably do the same thing and follow him around to see what he was doing to protect others as I wouldn't know what illness he had. The mask makes me cough whenever I wear it to shop. Thank you kindly.

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Hi glenninindy, I know what you mean. I have got one of the exempt cards just in case anything like you went through happened. I hope I dont have to use it. I am classed as very vulnerable , but I prefer to wear a mask if I can.

:) xxx

Veteran250Administrator in reply to jillygirl

I find waring a face mask mists up my spectacles, so I wear a face shield(as issued to nhs staff)

GretajettaPlanning to quit

It’s really hard wearing the mask and there are times I have to sneeze or cough and it’s horrible. I don’t want to make others nervous. It happens don’t feel bad. You put it back on.


I’m sure the mask doesant help. I try not to go shopping as I find when wearing the mask as soon as it gets warm I have to cough. I’ve had a few dirty looks an know how you feel, I would also like to think that if we where poorly we wouldn’t be out an about. Hope you feel better after having a little rant, an six months without a ciggie is brilliant.

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