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Anxious and backpain

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I have this back pain after I quit smoking for 9 days. Is this normal? I'm overthinking things. It makes me anxious and scared. Because of the happenings these days. Especially we have this pandemic happening.

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Dawny8day18 Months Winner

Hi I had back pain, both upper and lower. It turned out I were constipated. This went on for 4 weeks . It's just went all of a sudden. It's weird the aches and pains you get when we quit. Added the anxiety aswell and it's easy to over think things. If there are no other complaints, ie temp I wouldn't worry. Drink plenty and exercise if possible. You are doing great

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Thank you. I'm so worried. everything I feel right now is new to me. I'm scared. I'm anxious.

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Dawny8day18 Months Winner in reply to Hidden

I had anxiety too. This gave me chest pains also. I were told it's the body repairing itself. Going back to being a non smoker. It has to re adjust. Your body and mind have to learn how to deal with things by themselves. What you are doing is amazing!!! The best thing you are ever going to do to yourself is quit. It does get easier. Trust me it does. Drink plenty. Try to keep mind and body active as this helps yourself to re adjust . Have a look at some of the pinned posts below . Theres some great tips below . Failing that come on here and have a rant lol always someone around 👌👍🤞👊

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d__b8 MONTH WINNER in reply to Dawny8day

Hi Dawny8day, i've quitted since 14 days and i'm having chest pain too...any idea how long until this gets better? I'm also dealing with anxiety and insomnia :(

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Dawny8day18 Months Winner in reply to d__b

Hiya . Mine lasted around 5 weeks. Then it were something new 🙄 the insomnia didn't last long at all and the anxiety were the last to leave. Around 12 weeks but it did start to ease around the 5 week mark. I just kept telling myself " get to 12 weeks , it's the withdrawal trying to trick me, I'm better than this " my quit journey threw lots of curve balls at me and I knew it were all down to quitting, body going back to pre smoking. This were my quit journey and everyone is different. If you are unsure about anything see a gp . It also depends on how you are quitting. I used patches and gum in the first few weeks . The gum made alot of acid for me tho so I quit and just stuck with the patches. You will get there . Take each day , then each week, then each month . It's not as hard as ppl make out. Remember to breathe and relax . ❤

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