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🚭 7 1/2 hours into quitting

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I’ve been a 20-30 a day smoker for 21 years. I’m not sure why I wanted today to be the day. I don’t feel very optimistic about my chances but I hope I can be smoke free 💜

11 Replies
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Hello NLondon83, welcome to Quit Support and well done on your decision to quit smoking. Its not the easiest thing to do but its a whole lot better with support.

Can I suggest that you have a look through the pinned posts which you will find either to the right or at the bottom of your screen depending on the type of device you are using. There you will find lots of useful tips and information to support you in your quit.

If you haven't already done so, make a plan for how you are going to avoid those testing moments, such as changing your morning drink from coffee to tea, get up and clean your teeth straight after a meal, go for a walk when the cravings appear, remember cravings last no-longer than 5 to 6 minutes, so distract yourself...play a game on your phone!

Drink plenty of water, to keep you both hydrated and help flush out the toxins caused by smoking and keep coming on here for support, information, advice, for a laugh or even a moan.

Lastly, have faith in yourself, you can do this, if you really want to and we really want to help you.

Bye for now

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Hi NLondon, Well done for your decision to quit👏

Welcome to Quit Support.💙

It’s never easy to quit but it’s easier with a little support.💪

Please read the pinned posts,📌 there is lots of information there. You will find the posts to the right or at the bottom of your screen depending which device you are using.

May I suggest you drink plenty of water💧💦 to flush out the toxins and keep yourself hydrated.

If you feel you need any more help please don’t hesitate to ask. There is always someone here.

So for the record your quit date is 21/10/2019,so that we can assign you a winners' badge and update our database.

May I remind you not to post any personal information.

Good luck with your quit.🍀🚭xx

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NLondon835 MONTH WINNER in reply to TheTabbyCat

Thank you very much

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Hi NLondon83 and a warm welcome to quit support.

Congratulations on decision to quit smoking as this is the single most important thing you can ever do for your future health.

As Corrina mentioned, be prepared will assist in your success.

To be successful, you have to Make that commitment and have the determination to succeed. Being prepared for the tough days and the knowledge to know that these are only temporary.

Keep this site nice and close as everyone here as been on day one and knows the challenges that quitting smoking can throw at you. We all quit differently, however, collectively we have experienced just about everything. The members here are all ways here to offer support.

Be proud of yourself for making the decision to quit and keep reminding Yourself that you are going to succeed and your reasons why.

Good luck on your new adventure to a smoke free future.🍀🍀🍀

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I appreciate the support but I feel three separate admin messages are excessive.

Then again my tolerance isn’t at its best right now due to withdrawal

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It’s a tricky one - for me I am really trying to savour the tastes of other things instead, like a nice hot coffee or a great dinner etc. It’s about changing the mentality and remembering you’re free from smoking now and able to do what you want.

I know that’s easier said than done and to be fair I’m only 8 hours in, but just stick at it and you’ll be feeling a whole world different!

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Veteran250 in reply to tommyp1


Yes, I’m a member of admin too, but also a member of this supportive friendly community, so as a member I say........ congratulations on deciding to quit smoking, but more so for deciding to quit drinking as a recovering alcoholic at the same time my lovely, you have my admiration for going down that road, I’ve been there and done it!

I wish you well on your journey to become smoke🚭free and drink🍺🥃🍾free...... you can do this my lovely, just believe in yourself, what you are doing and why...... Why, for a better lifestyle of course!

😀👍🌞👏👏👏😘🚭 NOPE(Not One Puff Ever).

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NLondon835 MONTH WINNER in reply to Veteran250

Thank you i appreciate it very much

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Veteran250 in reply to NLondon83

You are welcome my lovely😀😘

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kenster131 Months Winner

hi hopefully you got through your first day ok.i think you can do it my aim is the 6th November hopefully then I can say I am an ex smoker.you can do it.

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NLondon835 MONTH WINNER in reply to kenster1

Yes thank you. Just waiting now to get to 24 hours (11.27)

I fear that the most difficult time will be between now and 48 hours. I have woken up not wanting to smoke. So that’s good x

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