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Going to quit need some support

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Hi I am planning to quit smoking soon and I need some support from you lovely people out there. Just some of your stories about quitting will help me thanks x

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Hi Cas55 Well done for your decision to quit👏

Welcome to Quit Support.💙

It’s never easy to quit but it’s easier with a little support.💪

Please read the pinned posts,📌 under "How to Quit" You will find the posts to the right or at the bottom of your screen depending which device you are using.

Everyone is different so one method works for one person and not so well for another.

I suggest you write a list of all your reasons for quitting and put it on the fridge so you often see it.

May I suggest you drink plenty of water💧💦 to flush out the toxins and keep yourself hydrated.

If you feel you need any more help please don’t hesitate to ask. There is always someone here.

May I remind you not to post any personal information.

Please let us know when you begin your quit so that we can assign you a winners' badge and update our database.

Good luck with your quit.🍀🚭xx

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to TheTabbyCat

You bet me! xx

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TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Lol.............that's a first🤣🤣🤣💖

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Welcome to Quit Support Cas, Thank you for joining this lovely community.

Its good you are planning to quit smoking, although it isnt always easy it is possible and with our support we hope to make your quit journey run as smooth as possible.

If you have a look at the pinned posts (usually at the top or bottom of this page)

you will see lots of useful information , from planning your quit , what to expect, hints to help your quit.

Also in the pinned posts and topics section there are lots of stories which are from our members.

Some of our members have been quit for over 11 years , I myself have been quit for 8 years. So it is doable. We also have a poll section which you may find interesting as the current poll is asking how Quit Support helped people.

Once you have set your quit date please let us know , we can then assign you a progress badge , and add you to our wall of winners.

Look forward to supporting you. XXX :)

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Veteran250 in reply to jillygirl

Hi Cas and welcome to Quit Support, I see tubby and Jilly have given you all the info you need to start you on your journey to become smoke🚭free, our community manta is NOPE (Not One Puff Ever) so I will just say...... Good Luck!

😀🌞👍🚭 NOPE! Xx

in reply to Veteran250

Thankyou Veteran250 x

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I smoked my last cigarette on the 1st Sept 19.... the first few weeks were tough going at times but as each day passes I feel so much better. Smoking no longer dominates my life, I have so much 'spare' time which is no longer being spent getting cold and wet outside and I am feeling positive.

To help I have used the niquitin lozenges and they have been fantastic at taking the edge off the cravings.

Good luck... you can do this :)

in reply to tiggs1

Thankyou tiggs 1 x

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I quit 16 months ago. I smoked for 38 years. I never imagined myself a non-smoker, thought I would smoke till my grave. It is doable. Everyone will tell you take one day at a time, which sounds trite but is a key to success. My other key was I never let myself imagine “just one” as it is a fantasy, at least for me. One puff leads to one packet leads to one more year of smoking. And I refused to feel deprived. Never “I have to quit” but “I get to quit” “I get to learn new ways without smoking”, “I get to grow as a person”, etc. I wish you the best. Folks here are very helpful.

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Hi pepapod I been smoking 40 years and can’t wait to be a non smoking how did you do it? How many did you smoke a day? I know it’s not going to be easy but I need to do this I can do this .

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pepapodLONG TERM WINNER in reply to

Hi Cas55

I quit cold turkey and had smoked 20-30 a day for 38 years until then. For me, I was ready mentally & just wanted it over and done as quickly as possible. It was a hard road at some points, I won’t lie about it. But if you want it, freedom from them CAN be yours. Whichever way you decide to quit (cold turkey or with patches or gums or inhalators, etc.) come on here and people will support you with good advice every step of the way.

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kenster125 Months Winner

hi so am I was planning to stop today but cant find my vape.hopefully you succeed and stop forever.

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Hi Cas and welcome to Quit Support🚭

The support here is amazing and you’ll never be alone on your journey to a healthier future.

Lots of good advice already so I’ll just say stay close and you can do it too🚭✅

We look forward to supporting you😃xx

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