My stop smoking journey (2 months)

Hi everyone,

I used this site last December when I attempted to quit cold turkey. I got through about 3 weeks, but then relapsed at Christmas time and went full throttle back into smoking. It seemed like it got even worse. I began regularly having 3 cigarettes before I even began work at 9 am. One when i woke up with coffee, one during the commute, and one when i got to work with that coffee.

That lifestyle is objectively not nice. Its unkind to your body and your mind. How can I question why I struggle with anxiety and low moods when the first things I do to my body is pump it with toxins and stimulants...

I left the UK a couple of months ago and used it as an opportunity to quit smoking. New city - new me right? I used champix. It worked well for about 6 weeks. You have to still do the work though, it is hard. But then I realised that the champix was sneaking up on my psyche. My anxiety went through the roof and my mood in general became very low. I became paranoid, jealous, angry - and it doesn't mix well with booze. It can be difficult to recognise when champix is affecting you, because it creates such subtle changes in the mind. And I don't blame champix for everything bad that I was going through, but I know it made things worse. So I came off champix for a week now, and my mood is already brighter. No I'm not the happiest person in the word, but I am more balanced. I can rationalise my thoughts a bit more... so be weary anyone on Champix - it can work it helped me go 6 weeks, but it also can be quite destructive if you don't watch closely. I don't fully on regret it, but I don't ever want to go through it again.

I have now decided to quit drinking for a while as well, as another personal challenge, and to aid with the continuation of quitting smoking (they really love each other those two monsters).

Its strange to be this new version of myself, one that meditates and runs instead of drinking wine and smokes - but its definitely a stronger person. Its nice to be someone that I would look up to and I remind myself of that whenever I feel cravings.

I went running yesterday and today and for the first time in my life jogging was easy. It was nowhere near as hard as it was before - and thats not just because of the physical benefits that quitting smoking gives you - it is as much the psychological. To conquer such an addiction gives you strength to address all your destructive patterns. It sparks a cycle of positivity and wanting to be good to yourself.

So if anyone is struggling its worth it - it really is. Its more then just stopping smoking, it unlocking a world of positivity that you deny yourself when you engage in a self destructive habit on a daily, and often hourly, basis.

Thanks for reading.

(2 months no smoking yesterday).


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It seems you have turned a corner now and your doing really well now.

So happy for you. Well done.xx☺


Wow lubydub that's quite an inspiring post.

I identify with the fact that the struggle is very much real, and it kinda sneaks up on you when you are least expecting it.

I've been struggling with unusually low moods and feeling generally anti-social. I realized that I'm missing my "crutch" even though I have a perfectly good leg, to use a metaphor.

I have started kick boxing now, and find myself not really that good on stamina, so planning on taking up walking and light cardio to work that bit out.

Smoking thoughts still keep scampering around my brain like little mice out on a field trip, but I'm working on letting them be, rather than give them special attention and make them all excited.

It's tough, but then whatever comes easy is never valued.

All the best on your journey and Kudos for keeping the winning streak on so far!!!

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Lubydub......I stopped smoking and drinking on the same day going cold turkey and it worked a treat for me, I know it doesn't work for everyone but I celebrated 10 years smoke free on the 13th August this year, just a couple of weeks ago.

I hope my success will encourage other to complete their journey till they are smoke free....go for it you know you can do it!

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Hi lubydub

A great post. I'm so glad you've now got your act together and striding forward with a better and brighter physical and mental health 😁

Keep going strong 💪🏻 you can do this 👍

Karen xxx


Very inspiring post luby, thanks for sharing and well done. Be proud of your achievements and congrats for 2 months smokefree👏🏼👏🏼💐😊


Great post and really good to hear. I just replied to someone here earlier that I've switched from negative to positive thinking since quitting. It's amazing how we adapt when we're determined.

Well done!!.

Anxiety and depression will never mix well with booze, smoking or drugs. Why is it so cool to do when we're young?, I find it really boring now!, (👵🏻👵🏻)


Hi! I have been on Champix now for just on 6 weeks. I want to go off them.

Did you just stop taking them or did you cut it down slowly? I have no more cravings or cues to smoke so I think i can now manage without them? What would you suggest?


They started to really mess with my head so I just stopped. There was a bit of anxiety as it left the system, but nothing too hard to handle and it lasted just a few days. Within about a week after stopping I started to feel like myself again.

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Hi anticig

I would suggest posting this to the whole forum as you'll get lots of advice from others too as it's different for us all it's probably worth asking others too?.😊

I never took it so can't help but know plenty have here. Xx

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