Rest assured, it does get easier

I posted this as a response to someone, but thought it might be an inspiring story for others, so I'm making it a proper post...

>>Rest assured it does get easier. And that craving becomes a fleeting thought. But it does take a while. :-( I promise, you are already over the worst of it. (29 days) It was at that point I kept telling myself, if I give up now, I'll have to go through this part all over again someday. That was enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. I did not EVER want to go through that again!

I can't tell you when the craving went away and turned into a passing thought because I didn't make a note of it. It was kind of gradual. If I had to guess, I'd say somewhere around a couple/few months.

I've been free for just over 9 years now and I always make note when the passing thought crosses my mind. Nowadays it happens once every three or four months or so. It lasts about 2 seconds, doesn't bother me a bit, and is a testament to how strong I've been and how I overpowered the beast!!!!

I knew I had WON when I got into a door slamming fight with my darling husband and the thought of having a smoke didn't even cross my mind. He must have thought I was a lunatic when I immediately turned around laughing, joyfully crying, and hugging him over my success. I told him "I'm still flaming mad at you, but I'm soooo excited!! I was that MAD and it didn't make me want to smoke!!!!!" Wooohoooo!!!! We both laughed and cried. I'd WON!!!!! Yay ME!!!!

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  • A door slamming fight! Tell me about it heheeh

  • Wonderful post. ☺ thank you. Xx

  • I can't wait to be as far along as you are. I'm a few days away from 29 days myself and I totally identify with your "if I give up now, I'll have to go through [this] all over again someday." Even so I can't believe I don't crave for it as often as I used to just three weeks ago. And as proud as I am of myself, I'm also so grateful to this group.

    Here's to many more years smoke-free for us all!

  • That's great that you've already noticed a lessening! Congrats on your success! It's all downhill from here! (in that, the uphill struggle gets better)

  • Great post Tamsin, a good thought to take along with me 😊

    Karen xxx

  • Thank you. After the first few months, the 9 years went by in the blink of an eye. (I did say 10 in the post, but I misspoke. It's been just over 9 years, but who's counting :-D ME!)

  • Hi Tamian - that is a fabulous post and I'm so happy you've tinkled that keyboard to post it here! It gives us all confidence that we can beat this damn beast, 'ol Nic! jax x

  • Thanks Jaxv. Truth be told, it's been a bit cathartic really. I've actually shed a few tears over these posts, remembering how difficult it was, and how proud I am of my accomplishment. I'm ever so pleased that it's helpful to someone. Anyone.

    If ever one of my friends mentions quitting I pummel them with my arsenal in hopes that I can help one more person get to the other side. I'm glad to have a whole new group of folks to pummel. :-) (but in the nicest way)

  • Great post Tamian x

  • Thank you so much Corrina. :-)

  • Tamian......I too have been smoke free for over ten years, and have never thought about smoking again, and then I found this group by accident, so I joined hoping to support others who wanted to quit smoking. xx

  • Congrats! Lucky you never having thought of it again. Can't say the same, but it hasn't bothered me in years.

    It's actually been just over 9 for me. (I don't do math in my head, it just makes me look stupid. :-) Not sure why I originally wrote 10. Getting a bit ahead of myself, I guess.

    I ran across this kind of by accident too. I was looking for info about smoking and insomnia. Most everything I find says it goes away pretty shortly, but I'm still dealing with it. :-( Anywho, thought I might be an encouragement to someone so I joined.

  • Great post and a real inspiration. Thanks😊😊.

  • Awww, thank you Frostie. I had hoped it would be.

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