Stumbling On The Support Group Thread I Never Knew I Needed

It's 2am, the coughing fits are wide awake, and so am I.

Been smoking since 2012! Not very long, but I am (was) a regular smoker. Then I tried to quit in October 2015 and soon after, started coughing. Never realized that it might've been connected to me quitting :-/ A few months later I had to get a nebulizer because breathing had reached unreal levels of difficulty! Haha.. Anyway, I ended up in the ER on my 23rd birthday after going into shock when I was administered some kind of steroid to open up my lungs or something. I began smoking again shortly after that, and haven't coughed since (which is how I realized *smacking forehead* the coughing and smoking might be related - duh! idiot.. lol). That gave me a reason to continue smoking (see: smoke more) - to keep the coughing at bay. But if I'm being honest, thats me lying to myself about what's actually a vicious cycle. I don't want to "rely" on cigarettes anymore, I don't want to be that way.

It's been a whole two days since my last cigarette, and I'm already coughing like all the tar in the world lives in my chest. So there I was, googling- "I quit smoking and now I'm coughing" and this support group pops up. I wouldn't wish this kind of discomfort from smoking on anyone, but I've gotta say- it's so nice to know I'm not alone. To see people explain exactly the symptoms I've had/am having, and possible ways to get over it (i.e. exercise, drink lots of water) - I'm grateful!

Tonight I'm praying for the strength to ride out these (necessary) repercussions and the willpower to not give into my cravings (and my head telling me that I won't cough if I smoke just oooone more). It's a tradeoff between a comfort fleeting or forever. Or as long as my forever's left to be!


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Welcome to our lovely community,

Well done on starting your quit journey.

Your story is very typical to lots of us.

The main thing is to stay positive and prepared for when you get the urge to smoke. Are you doing this cold turkey?

Any questions just come on here we will do our best to answer and support you.

I will now add you to our wall of winners and get you your badge which shows your progress week by week.

Look forward to hearing from you.☺xx


Hi Jillygirl!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I AM doing this cold turkey. I actually hadn't fully thought about quitting when I decided I would. I think the thought snuck up on me over the last couple of weeks and then I had a cigarette late Saturday night and thought to myself- "this is the last cigarette, girl!" By Monday evening (last night) I was hating myself, haha.

Good to know the story's typical - means there's a whole lot of people out there going through it as well 🙂.

Thanks so much for the encouragement!


Yeah the cough is a royal pain in the butt. On a positive though it really doesn't last forever and once the cough starts to ease off you realise how much easier it is to breath without the smokes.

Ps Try some honey and lemon to help coat your throat and ease the cough at night to help you sleep.


Heya Vic!

@ "royal pain in the butt" - isn't it?! Ugh! I finally dozed off at around 3am! I thought that cough would never let me sleep, lol.

Definitely going to try the honey and lemon tonight though, thanks so much!! ☺️


Hi mac and welcome to Quit Support😊

Well done for making the best decision for your future health and although it's really hard at the moment, it will get easier so hang in there.

You are never alone as lots of lovely people here who understand how difficult it can be. Try a couple of pillows to prop you up and as your body is healing, it's a good sign👍🏼 This temporary discomfort will pass and it will all be worth it🚭😊


Hey Briarwood!

That's so good to hear - I wasn't sure the cough would go away because I had such a hard time about it last time, but reading through the different posts when I first discovered this group last night made me hopeful. I'll have to keep reminding myself that it IS a healing process, and I WILL eventually get better 🙂.

Lovely to meet you, and looking forward to meeting more!

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