28 Days later

28 days smoke free. I'm chuffed to bits. I didn't think I would make it this far. This means i'm less likely to smoke again but I've read other peoples posts and know I need to stay vigilant.

I read of a person who had ONE ciggy after four years without and ended up as a smoker again, and quit again, going through all the horror again.

Well done to everyone else who quit at the start of the year and saw it through.

Good luck to anyone just giving up.

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  • i.123g.us/c/congrats_foreve...

    Well done Frank👏🏼👏🏼

    What you say is true and that's why NOPE is so important to us all🚭🚭👍🏼

    Enjoy your weekend and be proud of your achievement🏆😊

  • Really well done frank 28days is fab and you are so right about staying vigilant👍 I have to agree with briar that nope plays a big part in our life's no matter where we are in our quit 😄

  • Morning Frank - yup I was one of those who picked up a fag after 2 years smoke free . . . it is sooooo scary how easy it is to get hooked again - literally within seconds. So NOT ONE PUFF EVER is writ large on my brain! Jax :)x

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