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Hello everyone...I'm new to this site and have been enjoying reading some of the entries.  It's nice to not feel alone in this journey to quitting smoking.  I have tried and failed many times at quitting smoking but have decided this time I am not going to quit quitting.  I started using patches on Monday, March 28th, made it to Friday, had happy hour and off came the patch...smoked Friday night, and all day Saturday :-(. Woke up Sunday and decided that I could not continue smoking so on went the patch again.  So now I am at day 2 again.  Not feeling too bad...I'm thinking that the happy hours are going to have to wait until I get this under control.  Made a "reason why I am quitting" list yesterday and joined this lovely group to help me succeed this time!  The cough I've got from quitting should be reason enough to not light up again.  Nights are terrible!  Anyone else have this issue when they first quit?

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Welcome Lisa, don't be too hard on yourself . I don't know how many times I have-said   today's the day , got through it and then started again a day or two later . You don't stop trying , and you will suceed. Right 1. Stick close to this site when you feel low or just need a chat someone will always be here for you. 2. Take one day at a time. 

Not going to lie it's going to be a roller coaster with your emotions both physically and mentally , but gets easier every day. Yes the night times were the hardest for me. I couldn't relax, I had to go to bed to sleep lol, don't know we're you live, but in Uk the light nights are here now so I go for a walk. You can do it , stay strong , your going to beat Mr Nic this time :) 

Read some if the pinned posts on your right they are helpful, and get the support from our quit family on here as we all know what you are going through. Believe me they have helped me through some bad times, and only last week had a wobble, but my quit family put me straight . 

We are here for you

Maddy xx


Hi Liza and welcome to quit support😊

Congratulations on your quit and don't worry about your trial runs, this is the real deal and you're not alone. You have given yourself good advice about happy hours and best to avoid for a while. Have a read of the pinned posts coz there's lots of good advice there. Your cough is very normal and it's a sign that your lungs are trying to heal. Keep your reasons close to you and pin them up around the house so you can see them. If ya need anything just shout. 

Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever🚭 Good luck🍀


Hi Liza - good luck with the quit. My first 4 days were terrible with insomnia, mood swings (mostly very irritable) and a lack of concentration, but once the physical withdrawal was over it became easier. I have had some tough days as well (today being one)  but this forum really helped me thus far, and the support available "on demand" is great.

Good luck!!


I know its hard but definitely worth it.uih are worth it :-)

good luck

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