Quit smoking 4 weeks ago

Hi everyone 

I quit smoking 4 weeks ago today & did it cold turkey. I felt great st first but after a few days I began getting dizzy spells has anyone else had the same issue??  Is it normal??  I did go to the doc blood pressure is low which may be a cause so she gave me serc which is for vertigo but I don't see an improvement.  I don't have an cravings I just want the dizziness to go away. Help 😕


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  • i know your feeling man, i'm going cold turkey myself, and let me tell you, it has been rough, i quit a little over 2 months ago, and first thing i can say YES what your going through is perfectly normal, i went through the exact same thing, still am actually, 2 months later, the notes in this post "https://healthunlocked.com/quitsupport/posts/132685283/5-minute-craving-busters" helped me out a lot, as well as the help and support of everybody here on the site, just keep going and know that you are above this, and everyone on the site is behind you, and keep with out mantra N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever, keep going my friend, we're all behind you

  • Omg thank you so much I thought I was going crazy cause my husband never went through it so I was wondering if it was something else. I have no cravings & I will beat this cause I tried during my pregnancies & I almost lost my boys so I would have 2 a day which I still feel guilty about every day. Good thing is that both my boys were & are healthy. 😊

  • thank god for that, yeah the most important thing is realizing that it will pass, and everyone's journey down this road is different, while your husband may not have had the same symptoms as you, doesn't mean what your going through isn't normal, a good thing to do is go lay down and use controlled breathing till it passes, another is to talk to your doctor, he can prescribe a very mild Xanax which could help on an as needed basis, but yes, it is all normal, your perfectly fine, it's just your body adjusting to your new way of life

  • Hi Nadsan, I also quit cold turkey and experienced the same, dizzy spells, nausea, anxiety etc. It does pass! I think most symptoms had gone completely by about 4 months with the exception of being a grumpy cow, that lasted a bit longer (hubby may say it never went!). Stick with it as the benefits completely outweigh the symptoms

  • Thanks I thought I was going crazy guess I'll have to be patient 

  • Nadsan, Congratulations on the quit!! 

    I felt dizzy from time to time too. Your lungs, blood, and body are getting used to no more nicotine.  I also breathe a lot a better. The dizziness is a common  withdrawal thing for some.   I hope they stop soon for you, 

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