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Hello lovely people ,4weeks and 2 days so very pleased with myself ,hardest day ever yesterday so wanted to buy just 10 but steered away from the shops and put the money in my pot.so glad I did because today I feel better.hope everyone is well .

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Ahh bevie your sooo right, you feel an overwhelming urge to smoke or your having a really bad day and want one.... But sleeping on it is the best you can do coz when you wake up that's another day ticked off to being smoke free forever😊😊

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Well done Bevie....its not easy...and you showed fantastic courage...

Give yourself a pat on the back....this will make you that bit stronger :) :

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Well done Bev, like droopy says thats another day smokefree. Keep on being strong. :) xx

Hi Bevie,good for you--That's the way to do it--Stay rational and remember your mission and that extra money is nice to eh? Blessings ,MmeT

Good morning jilly--don't know the time there--9:34 am here--but anyway--have a wonderful day,evening or night--xxxx MmeT

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I was telling a friend of beating yesterday's craving and had tears in my eyes just out of pride ,she too teared up ,this is the longest I've gone without smoking for 35 years and enjoying it ,I know that I've got more of them crappy days ahead but also know I have you guys xx

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Bevie1968

WAYYYYYYYYY HAYYYYYYYY  Bevieeeeeeee :) :) thats the way to goooooo, flippin FIGHT them crappy days :) :) never give in to that flippin demon mr nic :) :) 

Ha ha, as I read your post and reply, I too teared up :o but most definitely HAPPY tears :) :) cos I tell you Bev, I'm soooooo PROUD of you gal, I really am and flippin loooooving that your enjoying your new smokefree life  :) :) :) 

These crappy days will get less and less as you go :) :)  PS, ermmm, please dont tell Jillygirl, Briarwood or flippin Droopy that I teared up :o cos they will take the flippin micky out of me seeee :o :D :D 

Thankyou sooo much for your post :) :) you are an ACE Lady :) :) xx

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Well done Bevie for getting through yesterday, you should be sooo proud coz at times like that it's really easy to give in to the nic monster☹️ Over 4 weeks is brilliant hun and remember we are always here for you. I see a 5 week badge around the corner with your name on it👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😊

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Bevie19688 MONTH WINNER in reply to Briarwood

I am proud and this group has been such a support X look forward to my five week badge 😀

Well done Bevie , and proud of you for not giving in and buying cigs :) see how strong you are and determined love it :) you can do it stay strong x

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Really well done Bevie, you're putting in all the right efforts so you'll go far 👍

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Trollness10 MONTH WINNER

Well done for resisting the urge 😀

Good going👍🏻🎉🎉

Not One a Puff... Ever😷😷😷😷🚭🚭🚭🚭

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