11 weeks off cigarettes

Hi I quit smoking cold turkey 11 weeks ago and am feeling very emotional the last few days. I started smoking at 13 and am now 37. The first two months was not as emotional only physical symptoms like insomnia, sweating at night and general aches. I did read there is a recognised period called the icky threes (3day,3wk,3mths) where people tend to relapse. I am hoping that I can make it to next week where the receptors will start to die.

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  • Hi Trollness and a warm welcome to quit support

    Congratulations on your quit - especially cold turkey :) :)

    It is very common to experience anxiety and mild depressions as part of the quit process.

    Take a read of some of the pinned posts to the right of the screen..This will shed some light on some of the common things that our members have experienced.

    In my opinion - the first 6 months before you really feel good.. You are well on your way.

    Keep on believing in yourself and you will do just fine..It takes the body some time recover from all the nasty chemicals from cigarettes

    You are doing brilliantly - Can you let us know your quit date so we can add you to our wall of winners :) :)


  • Thank you so much Glolin for your response. I quit on 27th December 2015. My husband also quit on that date and is not experiencing any emotional upset at all. I have found comfort in Eclair and Bon Bon sweets. Thankfully I have never previously put on weight but am a little swollen at the minute.

  • Hi Trollness and welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on 11 weeks quit, great achievement👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    Unfortunately this journey is a roller coaster of emotions and it's takes a while to settle down. Have a read of the pinned posts as there's lots of information there to help you. Please be patient with yourself as you really are doing so well. We have to retrain our brains and learn how to cope without smoking. Can be a bit overwhelming at times☹️ Hang in there as you will get stronger every day💐 Don't forget to treat yourself to something with the money you're saving coz you deserve it👍🏼

    Our mantra is NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭 Good luck🍀

  • Thank you so much briarwood. This is my first attempt at quitting so am quite a novice. Cigarettes were a large part of my life for over 24 years. I smoked one packet a day until age 20 then 35-40 a day until my quit date. I guess cigs and cakes were my thing and am now feeling quite lost and am unsure about this new way of life.

  • yes our days seem to have extra hours in them when we quit, just goes to show how much time we wasted smoking. Our whole lives revolved around them. It is really hard and we know exactly how you feel. Just take one day at a time and youll get there. If ya need anything just shout as there's usually someone around and it's a great distraction too😊

  • you are right about new way of life--It is a new day and a new world--welcome back..Things will clarify--sight,taste,smell,emotions,sleep,many good surprises to balance out the plain crappiness of kicking a powerful addiction.. Hang on--you are not alone--we are all on this big ship--trying to find our way home together--xxx Mme

  • Love the way you worded that Madame ❤️

  • Yes I never had enough time before now I have way too much. I did start to exercise but have lost all motivation this week. The only motivation is to eat sweets and cake but I feel it is better than the alternative lol I am so happy to have found this site thank you again!!

  • Good morning Trollness..... If ya have to eat... Then eat... Your cravings will pass as your dependence on smoking fades... You're doing awesome ... I hardly worked out for the first 5 months... I'm just getting back into it now.... I was sooo exhausted and depressed ..

    Best wishes from 🇨🇦

  • Hello Trollness,Oh I hear you on that one--I went thru that eating thing for weeks--Isnt food just fabulous?? Im doing better now and starting to exercise--Everyone says eat celery and non fattening stuff--but something gets a hold on you and mmm mmm those sweets are so wonderful--like discovering them for first time--just dont get to carried away--I got on scale and gained an easy 10 or 12--and I dont need it--BUT you aren't smoking and that's a good thing so eat away-- xx MmeT

  • Hi Trollness, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) and Wayyyyy Hayyyyy you :) 11 weeks quit already :) :) WHOOP WHOOP :) :)

    I see our lovely Glolin and Briarwood have given you excellent advice :) :) and all I can say is to try and drink plenty of water :) this will help flush out all those toxins in your body and hopefully help you with the ermmm, empty feeling we all seem to get :o :)

    Troll, please try and get back to your exercising again, cos this helps to stimulate the serotonin hormone in your body which is a happy hormone :) and may help you to get through your quit journey :)

    Please keep in touch and if you need any help, you just shout out :)

    Pete :)

  • Hey Monky,

    For a mere cuddle bug you certainly are full of wisdom. You took the words right outta my mouth. Lots of water, deep breathing in & out & exercise. No other quit smoking aid will do any better.

    Trollness, if you want to research why you're feeling the way you do after 11 weeks, check out references to Loretta Breuning, the author of Meet Your Happy Chemicals. I can assure you that you are no longer addicted to nicotine, but you have developed instinctive reactions over the years of smoking which, particularly in your teen years have become well & truly ingrained. Over time you will develop different response mechanisms to when you feel anxious, hungry, bored, depressed, lacking concentration, celebrating, relaxing....all those feelings that used to trigger a desire to smoke. Just remind yourself that smoking had ABSOLUTELY NO EFFECT IN THOSE SITUATIONS other than to replenish nicotine stores. Feelings of loss or deprivation are merely illusions. You're doing really well.

  • Great great post Roneo-- MmeT

  • Thank you for your comment Pete. The "empty" feeling is well and truly present. We had a discussion about it tonight and the difficulty in filling it. I am going to try use my inside exercise bike again tomorrow. I have never exercised before my quit and only started day one if quit and was doing good until maybe a week or two ago when I started to feel anxious. I also drank 2ltrs of water a day but stopped it too for last week or so. It is a great support to have people to talk too who understands the situation😇😇

  • mine was literally a physical gnawing--I had to eat--so it screams loud when you are in the thick of it

  • Welcome aboard!

  • Hang in there trollness☀️ You're doing awesome👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉.... I'm free after 5 months of exhaustion and depression .... You'll get there too xx

  • Thank you all for your kind words. Today is a better day. I am feeling positive again for the first time in one week 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • So glad you're finally having a good day Trollness🌹🌷🌺☀️

    More good days will happen than bad days as time goes on... Promise❤️

  • Hello Trollness,Its ok to be emotional--I cry a lot over the darnest things--I picture my heart like it had tar around it too and it is falling off and now I can feel--I have learned that this is just like getting off any other drug--It has physical and emotional components--I sat here like a baby in a high chair today that was waiting for food and just bawled and said between sobs--I want a cigarette so bad--I don't but the addict in me does-Don't be surprised at what layers begin to peel off that this chemical has crawled between,buried and distorted..It owned you..... You are alive--you feel--Cry your little heart out if you need to--you are cleaning house--Get mad and say Im done with you--Im taking my life back--and do it--It wont be easy but you will no longer be a slave to a chemical from hell--Blessings MmeT

  • Another good day 🤗🤗🤗🤗 I had an interview for a new job which lasted for two hours and no cigarettes consumed before or after it so a major milestone. I celebrated by making pancakes. Yes my stomach is still quite swollen which is a small price to pay for freedom. I cannot eat celery or carrot sticks I still need sugar although I no longer crave frys so I feel I have finally turned a corner. Thank you all for your supportive words.

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