I quit smoking

I quit smoking

I stopped smoking on the 20/09/2015, after trying to quit so many times before, and they say never stop trying, I got there in the end, it wasn't easy,I still Want one sometimes,but I'm not going to give in, I feel great, I have done it, coming up 5 months now, I can breathe so much better, walking up hills is easier, IF I CAN DO IT. YOU CAN. Just take a day at a time, and remember breathe through the hard times, it passes. Good luck people

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  • Well done sholoo that's a great quit and wise words indeed😊 looking forward to seeing that new badge of yours 😉☺️

  • Thanks

  • Hiya Sholoo and welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on your great quit and thankyou for sharing your positive post with us as this really helps others. So glad you're feeling the benefits of it too, well done to you👍🏼😊

  • Hi Sholoo! Thanks for visiting our community and please don't be a stranger! Congratulations on the months you have stopped smoking -- a terrific accomplishment! And Thanks also for the encouraging way you've shared your your experience!

  • awesome girl!!! i'm coming up on my one month mark myself, god it feels sooo good!!

  • 'breathe through the hard times' Yep finding that to be true, coupled with the odd cake, steam, NRT gum :O)...slowly but surley this end! :O) Thanks for post & congrats on reaching 5 months. FANTASTIC!

  • thank you--good job!!!

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