So ill😢

Hi still smoke free feeling proud but I have never felt so I'll aching all over constant headache and so forgetful! I don't want to smoke but thought I would feel healthier , I also wondered if anyone else is constantly cold? I cannot warm up did think my circulation would have improved by now! Thank you for all the support this place is great to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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  • Hello Purple,

    Congratulations on getting through week one. Sorry you're having such a difficult time. You're going through huge changes and healing. I'm not sure how long you smoked for but it is probably longer than a week, you have to be a bit patient with feeling healthier. Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids which will help with the headaches.

    People experience different symptoms when withdrawing no one is the same but whatever we experience it does end with time.

    Hope you stick with it this is a difficult stage but it does get better 😎🙊👀

  • Hiya purple, sorry to hear you're feeling so unwell, unfortunately cold turkey at this stage feels exactly like this. As Andrew has said, it takes time for the body to heal and at the moment your body is in shock and everything is trying to sort itself out😩 the cold you're feeling is a symptom of withdrawal and this might sound cruel but if ya can manage a bit of excercise it would get the circulation pumping a bit. You are doing an amazing job and it honestly will get better. hang in there purple and sending healing hugs to help💐😊

  • Way to go 2 weeks👏🎉🎉🎉

    I know how ya feel..... I listen to the senior quit people ..... We will feel better eventually!!!

    Arizona 😊

  • 2 weeks is fantastic , giving up smoking, how ever you do it is one of the hardest things you will ever do , but will be worth it. Health wise and money wise.

    I gave up cold Turky and was very ill for a long time , but I turned a corner at about 9 months . I do miss it at times but I don't regret giving up . Take every day at a time , keep your reasons close at all times and you deserve a treat with the cash you've saved..🌝

  • Thanks for your response Angeline.... You give me hope☀️

  • Your slowly getting there, and I'm sure if you can think back how it was when you first stopped you can see how far you have come. Like you I wasn't one of the lucky ones that wasn't Ill, but I'm glad I was, so I will never go back to it as I wouldn't want to go back through that again. I also took everything the dr gave me as that got me back on my feet quicker, .😀

  • Thanks for your reply Angeline☀️

    I love your last sentence ........

    Arizona xx

  • Thanks guys for your lovely messages of support such a relief to know I'm not the only one with these horrible symptoms! Just so happy to be be smoke free. X

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